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Backyard Putting Greens Tailored to Fit your Golfing Game

If you have been looking for the ideal way to upgrade your short game in golf then you need look no further than backyard putting greens. These artificial surfaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit any type of yard environment. Now instead of driving across town to practice your short shots you just have to walk out the door and onto the surface of your own backyard putting green.

Many beginning golfers are unaware that more than 40% of your overall shots on the course are made with the putter. This means that you have to have dependable putting skills if you want to take your golfing game to the next level.

Being able to deliver those putts in a clinch, pull out a remarkable breaking shot when it counts and produce a perfectly placed putt at a 6-9 foot distance rely on skill, nerves and practice. It can be very difficult to find a place where you can count on some consistent practice time, unless you have access to your very own putting area.

There are some decisions to be made when you are ready to purchase one of these backyard golf putting greens for your home.

  • Budget is an important factor
  • Size of the backyard artificial putting green
  • Number of holes included in the design
  • Use of contoured pads
  • Allowable distance for puts
  • Type of surface
  • Choice of a permanent outdoor model or a dual indoor/outdoor design
  • Whether to get adjustable slopes

One type of backyard putting green is the Seminole. This is a weatherproof model that can accommodate multiple golfers at any given time. The Seminole features a Tour Turf surface; 4 individual holes; and allows for putts that can travel a distance of 15 feet.

You can also check out backyard golf putting greens that are slightly smaller such as the Muirfield. The surface of this model measures 8×12 feet and provides golf enthusiasts with a place to practice multiple types of putts and breaks. There are even some special contoured pads that can be set so that you can work on either left or right breaking shots.

If you want the convenience of a weatherproof putting surface as well as a green that provides you with true rolling action on your shots then you may want to look at one of the backyard putting greens such as the LaHinch. With this true to life putting design you can improve your game at home in a very short period of time. This putting green has an interior footprint that measures 6×14 feet, has 3 separate holes, and is made with Club Turf that gives the best roll to any golf shots.

Of course there are a number of other putting greens in backyard styles that you can consider. Many of them can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. Take one that is known as the Saint Andrews for example. This is a putting model that lets you practice shots with a distance up to 13 feet.
The Ballybunion is another versatile putting green that you can select. It is an ideal design if you need more experience in converting putts with distances that range from 6-9 feet. The Ballybunion also comes with contoured pads that you can install to produce right or left breaking shots. These indoor/outdoor greens let you practice outside when the weather is pleasant and indoors whenever there is rainy or cold weather.

For golfers who want putting room that really delivers on size there is a green measuring 16x 14 feet. This model has enough space to handle several players at once. The Oakmont backyard putting green features an all weather surface and a total of 6 regulation sized holes. Oakmont’s base is molded and designed to accommodate several golfers at any given time.

Another of the top backyard artificial putting green surfaces is found on a model known as the Pinehurst. Just like its namesake course, this is a putting green that sets the stage for maximum golf performance. With Nylon Tour Turf and generous 16×14 foot dimensions this is a superior product that will enhance your putting power and skills.

Of course for the purists who demand only the best in backyard putting greens nothing will equal a real life putting course. There are some companies that can guide you through the entire process of creating putting greens in backyards of any size and shape. The course can be uniquely tailored to your specifications.

You could choose to cover your putting green with artificial turf, but wait until you discover how easy it is to establish a Bermuda or bent grass surface in your own backyard. When you visit a site such as www.putting- you can even order equipment including hole-cutters and a greens mower at very reasonable prices.

Yes, now golfing fans of all ages can bring the fun and excitement of course play to their own homes. Backyard putting greens can be used to transform any area of your yard into an all seasons golfing paradise. In addition to being able to practice your shots on a 24/7 basis, you can invite your friends and family over for some real golfing fun. The choice of putting greens is up to you, but the sooner you begin the sooner you will be setting up shots just a few steps from your own backdoor.

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