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Beneficial Golf Swing Tips

In most sports there are many variables that will either make you a strong or weak player. In football it might be your ability to run, cut, catch, tackle, etc. In baseball it can be your base running, hitting, fielding, or throwing ability. In basketball it would be your dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense. There is one common theme, which is that each sport has more than one skill to perfect. In golf, that’s not the case. While you can say that you need different types of skills for different types of shots, one thing remains the same, and that is that the swing is a factor on every play.

Some might think that this would make golf an easier sport than the others, but that isn’t so. While anyone can reach their highest potential in other sports if there is a ton of work put in, natural athletic ability is still a factor and benefit for each one. When it comes to golf, athletic ability is also a factor, but not as much as in other sports. This allows the average Joe to compete with those he might not be able to in other arenas. How does he do it? By perfecting his swing! As stated earlier, there are different types of swings for different shots, but he doesn’t need to work anything other than the swing itself.

Once the swing is ‘perfected’ — which by the way is a word that should never be used when referring to a golf swing — the objective is to get to a point where you don’t feel any tension throughout your entire body and your focus is solely on your target. This is known as the zone, which refers to you playing at your optimal level. They refer to basketball players that are hitting a lot of shots as ‘unconscious.’ The reason for that is because the player is not thinking, they are just doing. If humans could train their minds to un-think during sports, they would be a lot more productive. If you can reach that zone most of the time then you become robotic. When it comes to golf, or any other sport for that matter, that is the goal. The best way to achieve that goal is repetitions, but there are some other things to keep in mind, which is covered below.

Do You Have Any Golf Swing Tips?

Before we get into the category of golf swing tip, let’s start with prior preparation. Most players might not realize it, but golf is like most other sports in the sense that fitness is a key factor. Think about it for a minute. You usually play eighteen holes. If you’re carrying a bag or pulling a cart, there’s no need for further explanation. You’ve experienced this type of exhaustion before. But even if you’re using a golf cart, you’re still swinging a club well over fifty times, and often closer to one hundred. If you were playing poorly and you were a pitcher on a pitch count, you would be yanked from the game. In golf, no one is going to yank you from the game if your body is fatigued and you’re playing poorly. The only way to combat this is to have your body prepared for it.

Fitness leads to better overall strength, endurance and confidence. We’re not talking about going to the gym, pumping iron for two hours and then drinking a protein shake. We’re referring to doing at least some form of exercise (which requires your body to actually be moving) for a minimum of thirty minutes per day. That’s it! Since golf is more about accuracy than power, you don’t need to bulk up. You just need some muscle endurance and conditioning. Muscle endurance training will allow you to keep your natural swing throughout most of the day. Conditioning will allow you to keep your breath if you’re walking, especially if it’s up or down hills.

Do You Have Any Good Golf Downswing Tips?

Yes. There are several downswing tips that you can benefit from. One of these tips, which many of the pros teach first, is to keep your head still. Don’t jerk your head up and look for the ball because you’re excited. All that’s going to do is end up disappointing you because you will have hit a poor shot.

One tip that most pros don’t teach is to accelerate through the ball. So many golfers slow down at impact, not realizing that power is created at the point of impact. If you accelerate through the ball, as in you are increasing your club-head speed during impact and not decreasing it, then you will generate more power. Just remember not to rush. You want to increase your club-head speed in a gradual manner.

Do You Have Any Golf Backswing Tips?

Yes. The most important thing to remember with your backswing is to keep to a comfortable tempo. It’s almost a guarantee that somewhere along the line, someone has said to you to slow down or speed up your backswing. That’s a nice gesture, but they’re not you. They’re giving you advice based on their swing, not yours. Find a tempo you’re comfortable with and stick with it.

You also want to go back as far as you can on your backswing. As far as you’re comfortable with, anyway. The farther back you go the more opportunity you have to generate momentum. Momentum equals power.

Can You Tell Me Anything About Stance?

Everyone will have a different stance that they’re comfortable with. Watch the PGA tour. Do you see everyone using the same exact ‘perfect’ by-the-book stance? Of course not. What fun would the game be if everyone played exactly the same? You have to find a stance that you’re comfortable with. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the stance allows you to keep an equal weight balance.

Regardless of what stance you choose, it is often beneficial to include a bend at the hips a slight flex at the knees, and to keep your back straight. You also want to have a good angle at the ball, which can be determined through trial and error.

Can You Offer One More Free Golf Swing Tip?

Of course. Let’s talk about grip. A good grip can help you hit the ball farther and straighter. There are three types of grip, which are an interlocking grip, an overlapping grip, and a baseball grip.

The baseball grip is primarily for beginners and will not generate much power. The overlapping grip is often used by male golfers because it requires strong wrists. This grip is an upgrade from a baseball grip. The best grip to use is the interlocking grip. This grip gives you the best leverage, which will in turn have the most potential to increase your power.

Hopefully the golf tips above will give you an opportunity to shave some strokes off your handicap. One parting tip, no matter how athletic or uncoordinated you are, if you fine-tune and eventually master your putting, you will always be a threat. Remember, in the game of golf, you put for dough.

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