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Why You Should Upgrade Your Golf Shafts

Everyone wants to maximize his or her potential on the golf course. Lowering your handicap by just 1 shot can be a huge deal for some people. People will spend a thousand dollars on new golf clubs, but forget to… Continue »

Hippo Golf Makes Your Game Rival That Of A Pro

John Daly and Ian Woosnam are just 2 of the many PGA stars who understand the awesome power of Hippo golf equipment. Hippo golf clubs were created by a UK sports company and are well known to help boost the… Continue »

Left Hand Golf Clubs

If you are a leftie and trying to play golf with a set of right handed clubs it is going to be impossible for you to perform at your best. You need to have a quality set of left-handed golf… Continue »

Callaway Big Bertha Irons are Designed for Better Shot-Making

Callaway golf has been an innovation leader in the manufacturing of golf clubs since the introduction of Big Bertha Drivers in 1986. When they added forged irons to their product line, the innovation continued, and the next generation of the… Continue »

Fairway Wood Sets

If you’re like most golfers, you have been put in that awkward situation where you’re not sure how to approach a particular shot. The shot referred to in this case is the one that is a little bit too far… Continue »

All About Callaway Pre Owned

If you’re a golfer, whether it be serious or recreational, you’ve certainly heard of Callaway golf. In recent years it seems as though they have become the leader when it comes to golf equipment. Being that they have earned the… Continue »

Callaway Irons For You

When it comes to advanced technology and unrivaled customer service in the golf equipment world, Callaway is by far and away the leader. Since Ely R. Callaway, Jr. founded the company in 1982 – after having sold clubs from the… Continue »

Cheap Golf Clubs That Offer Quality

Are tough times going to keep you from playing golf? Of course not! If you’re a true golfer, you’re going to find a way to get out there regardless of the circumstances. If you were begging for change on the… Continue »

Hybrid Golf Clubs To The Rescue

If you’re a golfer, then it’s a near certainty that you’ve been in that awkward and uncomfortable situation before. When it comes to being out on the golf course, we could be referring to many things, but in this case,… Continue »

A Variety Of Ladies Golf Clubs

There are all types of female golfers. Some are just as competitive and often just as good as male golfers. Others like to play on a recreational level around once per week and care very much about how they’re scoring…. Continue »