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Callaway Big Bertha Irons are Designed for Better Shot-Making


Callaway golf has been an innovation leader in the manufacturing of golf clubs since the introduction of Big Bertha Drivers in 1986. When they added forged irons to their product line, the innovation continued, and the next generation of the Callaway Big Bertha iron set takes it to the next level.

The goal of Callaway engineers was to incorporate their new i-brid design and other technological advances into traditional-shaped irons, producing clubs that are easier to hit. The performance boost is most notable in the lower irons, the ones that give all golfers, from Tour pro’s to casual players, the most trouble with good ball striking. Let’s take a closer look at these reconfigured Callaway Big Bertha Irons, and how the updates might affect your game out on the tees and fairways, whether your home course is Torrey Pines or the local municipal course.

Designed for Increased Forgiveness

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Irons have always been manufactured with the intent of being very forgiving. This means that the area on the club face that will produce a quality ball strike has been enlarged through making the club head larger, but also managing the weight of the club for better stability.

The so-called “sweet spot” gets bigger as the potential for the club head to twist when a ball is miss-struck diminishes. These irons feature club heads with increased weight in the heel and toe, which resist the torque that causes shots to be pulled or pushed.

The I-Brid Difference

The patented i-brid technology is used in irons 3 through 5, and puts the shape and performance of the these Callaway Big Bertha Irons somewhere between a hybrid style and a traditional blade-style iron. The purpose is to give the set a traditional look while combining the best features of traditional club heads and hybrid models.

Better golfers have always stayed away from hybrids and oversize club heads because they significantly decrease the player’s ability to craft shots exactly the way they want them. Not needing the oversized sweet spot, they were reluctant to give up the control they thrive on, and which is greater with traditional irons. Hybrid fans enjoyed better shot making abilities with fewer miss-hits. The i-brids seek to achieve the best of both styles. The low center of gravity (CG) in Calloway Big Bertha Irons has also been shifted back, away from the club face.

That design feature enhances the natural loft of the club, and gets the shot off the turf more rapidly, reducing the effects of a bad lie, or wet, sticky turf. The sole has also been widened, to make for smoother club to ground contact. The net effect is both a loftier and longer shot, with improved back spin.

Enthusiasts of blade-style irons will be happy to know that Callaway has extended their family of traditional shaped irons to include the 3 iron, 4 iron, and 5 iron. So, you now have the choice of a Callaway Big Bertha iron set that puts the i-brids in your bag, or of playing only their traditional line of irons.

To increase performance in the traditional long irons, Callaway has enlarged the sweet spot and has improved forgiveness by giving each club in the set a constant width on the sole. Either way you go, plan to spend some extra time at the range getting familiar with the new designs, and building the kind of muscle repetition and memory that will allow you to use the technology to greatest advantage.

Improved Mid and Short Irons in Every Set

The re-design of the Callaway Golf Big Bertha irons extends right through the mid and short range clubs. You continue to get the sweet spot benefits of an oversize club head, enhanced by an offset that is slightly increased in these next generation clubs. The stainless steel club face transmits feel up the shaft and to your hands very effectively, and in your first moments on the range you will discover a noticeable difference in the forgiveness of these clubs.

Your eyes will tell you that you miss-struck a ball, yet the feel will be soft, and more importantly, the shot will demonstrate the characteristics of a good ball strike. That doesn’t mean you’ll never push or pull another shot, you’ll just have to work a little harder to do it. And that is exactly what Callaway designers had in mind when they went to work to make their irons play even better.

Additional Modifications Improve Shot-Making

Most clubs made today by all the leading manufacturers feature increased perimeter weighting, from drivers, through irons, to putters. Each Callaway Big Bertha iron in this lineup is perimeter weighted for greater stability. Both the traditional and i-brid 3, 4, and 5 irons will deliver better performance through an enlarged effective striking area.

Much of this weight distribution has been achieved with maximized notch weighting which lowers the center of gravity, and moves it to the rear of the face. The toe and heel now hold more of the weight than the center, producing a high MOI, or moment of impact. The purpose of this design in the Callaway Big Bertha iron set is to lengthen distance while increasing control for better marksmanship.

To offset the movement of weight away from the center of the club, a tactic which could potentially diminish ball-striking potency, the Callaway Golf Big Bertha irons now sport VTF® technology which increases the thickness of the metal on the sweet spot, giving each ball strike more pop off the club face.

What Does The Innovation Mean For You?

These Callaway Big Bertha Irons feature more patented technology than most. Beginning and intermediate golfers will benefit from the enlarged sweet spot. Good to great amateurs and touring professionals will get the greatest benefit from the redesigned sole.

The shift in weighting toward the rear of the club, as well as the extended width of the sole, will produce better ball characteristics on well-struck shots. Old school players will appreciate the opportunity to play i-brids that maintain a traditional look and deliver better control, but give them the advantages of hybrid improvements like a larger sweet spot. True traditionalists who want to skip the i-brids in the 3, 4, and 5 irons will still benefit from the VTF® technology and redesign of the sole. Better shot making should be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, and for that reason we give the Callaway Golf Big Bertha Irons our recommendation.

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