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Callaway Golf Bag Options


When most people think of Callaway Golf, they think of Big Bertha Golf Clubs. The reason is obvious! Big Bertha clubs pretty much revolutionized the way the game of golf was played. The clubs were built with enormously large heads and felt like feathers, allowing most average golfers to swing with more confidence, because they knew their shot would have more accuracy and distance. The size of the club-head improved accuracy and the light weight of the club improved club-head speed. These clubs are still a relatively popular option today, but more importantly, are really what put the name Callaway on the map.

Since that time, Callaway has branched into every area of golf equipment and attire that you could possibly imagine. One of those areas is golf bags. Not only does producing golf bags allow them to stay up with the competition, but having a Callaway Golf Bag division also offers them a form of advertising. If one player uses their bag and another notices, there is obviously more of a chance that another one will be sold, or that other items with the name Callaway on it will be sold. Retail and online advertising don’t hurt, either.

Ever since Ely R. Callaway, Jr. founded the company in 1982 in Carlsbad, California, the company has always looked to take advantage of any potential sales route. That attitude was set from the start, when Ely sold golf clubs from the trunk of his Cadillac. Because of the hard work and intelligent decision making put into the company, Callaway Golf went public in 1992. They even bought two other companies in 2003, which were Top-Flite Golf and the Ben Hogan Golf Division. The purchase was put together by CEO Ron Drapeau, but eventually ended up costing the company $169 million due to other competitive offers.

Like any other company, Callaway Golf has had its ups and downs, but unlike many companies, the ups greatly outweigh the downs. Callaway Golf Bags are no different, as they have proven to be a great success. Some of the options are listed below.

What Is The Org 14 Weekend Golf Cart Bag?

The Callaway Org 14 Weekend Golf Cart Bag is one of the best Callaway Golf Cart Bag options. It usually costs somewhere between $100 and $200 and often comes in black with red stripes. Camouflage is another option.

The bag has 600 polyester constructions and uses several other materials as well. The biggest selling feature of the bag, though, is that it uses an anti-crush system, which means that when the weight of the bag reduces – based on items being taken out – the bag will not be crushed. The bag also has a cart strap stabilizer, which is another feature to improve durability.

This bag was designed with a primary focus on very strong durability, but there are some other interesting features as well, including many storage compartments, a small, felt-lined area for fragile items, an expandable pocket for garments, and the option for a custom logo on the bottom ball pocket and side pockets.

Golf Digest put this bag on its Hot List for 2007 and 2008, so that pretty much proves its value. The only real negative is the name. Hearing the words ‘Org 14 Weekend Golf Cart Bag’ isn’t likely to excite many people, and it certainly isn’t a name that sticks easily to memory.

What Is The Callaway Org 14 Tour Cart Bag?

The Callaway Org 14 Tour Cart Bag usually sells for around $200. It is a black bag with silver stripes, but you can also find it with red stripes. The bag weighs seven pounds without the strap and hood. While this might not be a ton, once you add the strap, hood, clubs, and other accessories, it’s a lot of weight you don’t need to be carrying. Consider using a golf cart when using this bag.

The Callaway Org 14 Tour Cart Bag has a fourteen-way top with a full length divider for each one. It also has a co-modeled, ergonomic bag handle, two water bottle pockets, two hidden pockets, an umbrella holder and a towel ring. It’s pretty much a standard, solid bag that sells for a fair price. Not a bad option.

What Is The Chev 18 Cart Bag?

Once again, not the best name for a product. People don’t get excited about product names that combine words and numbers. Aside from Big Bertha, Callaway seems to have struggled with this aspect of the business. While sales are good, it’s easy to imagine them being better with stronger product names. This does make a difference!

The Chev 18 Cart Bag sells for about $140. It has an oval, four-way top with two full-length dividers. The bag weighs six pounds without the strap and hood. It comes with a single strap that has strap-bite technology. This will help prevent the bag from twisting while it’s stationed on the cart. The bag also has seven zippered pockets, two mesh water bottle pockets, co-modeled Chev18 base lugs, which help improve stability, an umbrella holder, a towel ring, and it is made with 600D polyester fabric with 420D debbynylon accents, which adds to the bag’s style.

Is There A Callaway Big Bertha Golf Bag?

Yes. There are few. One of those bags is the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Stand Bag. This bag sells for as low as $109 and can be found at Wal-Mart. It’s a lightweight bag with an XTT flex-foot base. It also has an Izzo four-point attachment, which can be of assistance when you want to walk and play eighteen or even thirty-six holes.

The bag has a six-way oval top, three full-length dividers, eight pockets for whatever you need to store, two mesh pockets to place items for easy retrieval, a towel ring and an umbrella holder. This bag also only weighs five pounds minus the strap and hood. This is a great weight for those who like to walk the course.

Does Callaway Make Any Other Types Of Golf Bags?

Yes. If you happen to be looking for a top of the line bag then you should strongly consider their Tour Authentic Staff Bag. This is the bag that a lot of the pros use or that their caddies use, anyway. The bag has a six-way divider system and has ballistic nylon fabrics with leather accents. It also has double strap connections. If you want to feel confident that you have one of the best bags out there, then this is the option for you.

Callaway also makes a Callaway Golf Travel Bag. These are good for anyone who likes to play golf when they travel, or travels to play golf. They’re fairly priced at between $100 and $200.

There are so many golf bag options out there. The one thing you can absolutely be certain of when buying a Callaway bag is that you will be buying from a company that is constantly aiming to the best in every aspect of the golf equipment business. They want you to be happy, which means you will be purchasing a product that had a lot of hard work and determination put into it.

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