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The Advantages of Callaway Golf Clothing


Callaway is known for many things, but what they are known for most are their drivers. Their relatively new technology (it has been several years now) completely changed the game of golf. They designed larger club heads that allowed for more forgiveness and greater distance and accuracy. With an affordable price to boot, Callaway took over the golf equipment world. They have remained at the top ever since. They have also expanded into other areas. For example, Callaway golf clothing has become very popular. Their polo shirts are perfect for the recreational golfer. The two examples below will show why.

The Callaway C Tech Solid Wicking Polo sells for $50 to $60 in some places, but can also be found for as low as $30 online. The sizes for this popular shirt are medium, large, XL, and XXL. The available colors are red, light blue, and pink. The material is 69% cotton and 31% polyester. All this helps with the shirt’s popularity, but nothing is more important than feel. Consumers have stated that they tend to buy more than one shirt at a time because they love the comfort and simplicity. The roominess is a big factor in this because it allows golfers to feel like they have more range of motion. It also allows their bodies to breathe, opposed to the shirt sticking to their bodies on hot, muggy, or wet days. Another advantage is that this shirt is stylish enough that you can even wear it to the office on a casual day.

The Callaway X-Series Dry Solid Wicking Polo is another great option. It sells for $60, but can be found for around $25. A search for Callaway golf clothing should lead you in the right direction toward the best price. This shirt comes in XL and XXL, and the following colors: green, white, and light orange. It has moisture-wicking fabric with anti-microbial treatment and is super-light. It’s 100% polyester and machine washable, making it high quality and easy to care for. The style is classic with solid colors. Buying all three colors will give you the option for three different looks while saving a bundle of money.

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