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The Right Cart Bags For You


If you play golf then you’re obviously going to need a golf bag. I’ve heard stories of people who have played entire courses with only a putter and beat their opponents with ease, but if you’re not a player of that capability, and regardless of what you think, you’re probably not, then more than one club might be a good idea. 🙂

Golf bags can be used as pull cart bags or golf cart bags. They also carry a lot more than just clubs. Think of a cart bag as a golfer’s cockpit. Everything they need is within reach to ensure that they can get the job done. Cart golf bags can carry golf clubs, golf balls, golf gloves, a towel, an umbrella, a ball marker, tees, divot tools, as well as any valuables you might have on you yet not want to wear during play.

The benefit of using a golf bag isn’t only to have a place to carry everything, but to store everything in an orderly manner. After a few uses of a golf cart bag, you will know exactly where everything is and be able to access each item with ease. This won’t only be beneficial to you, but it will also be beneficial to who you’re playing with, as it will speed up the game. It also might be beneficial to those behind you, depending on the speed of your play, of course.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to cart bags. They can range from under $50 to over $1000. The key is to find something that matches your budget and what you’re comfortable with. You might also want to go with a brand name that you’ve had positive experiences with in the past. Some cart bag options are listed below.

What Is The Syncro Divider Cart Bag?

This is a popular option for cart bags for many reasons, one of which is its price. It only costs $120, which is very affordable as far as golf bags go. It weighs in at 8.2 ponds, though, which is a little on the heavy side, especially if you prefer to walk. The bag comes in black, black/plaid/red, black/copper check, and grey/electric blue.

The Syncro Divider Cart Bag is 10 inches with a 15-way top. There are dividers for each club, which can help improve their lifespan. There is also a putter tube, which will preserve the putter’s life for longer than if there weren’t one.

Some other features are scoreboard and pencil sleeve pockets, a padded shoulder strap, a ball pocket, external tee holders, along with many more. One thing is for sure, when they designed this bag, they certainly though of everything.

Two other favorite features of this bag are the weatherproof, fleece-lined pocket and the insulated hydration pocket. The fleece-lined pocket acts like a little safe. Since you will be around your bag the entire time, there is no need for a lock. Past that, it’s probably safer, and definitely softer, than any safe. So when you put your valuables in that compartment, you can be assured that they’re being well taken care of. The hydration pocket can please all types of golfers, from those that like to drink Gatorade for a boost, water to stay hydrated; an energy drink to wake them up, or even a beer, that little pocket can come in handy for anyone.

Can You Tell Me More About The Sun Mountain C-130 Divider Cart Bag?

This bag weighs in at 7.7 pounds, which is still a little on the heavy side. This is a better option for those who either use a pull cart or golf cart, but is still light enough that you can carry it.

The Sun Mountain C-130 comes in seven different colors, with black being the most popular. It is 10 inches with a 14-way compresses nylon top. It has an integrated top handle, which will allow you to load and unload with ease. It also has a putter compartment, which will once again preserve the putter’s durability and life expectancy. One thing that many golfers don’t realize is that while they go through irons and woods at a rampant pace and treat them as if they’re the most prized possessions in the world, a putter is the one club that you build a real attachment to. Also, the technology isn’t as important. You’re not looking for distance. If you’re like most golfers, you will end up using your putter a lot longer than most other clubs. If people would only realize this and take care of it just as much as other clubs. Needless to say, the putter compartment is important.

This bag also has nine zippered pockets for storage, two velour-lined valuable pockets, and many other various features. The best thing about this bag is convenience. It is built with the ease of retrieval in mind.

What Is The Bag Boy Revolver Pro Divider Bag?

Bag Boy Golf Bags have been around since 1946. That being the case, it’s certainly a name you can trust. The company’s primary focus has always been on quality, but even more so on durability. The one thing they might have missed the boat on with this one is the name. Short and catchy always sells more and ‘Bag Boy Revolver Pro Divider’ doesn’t exactly fit into the ‘short and catchy’ category.

Luckily for Bag Boy, the strength of their products can make up for the company’s lack of creativity. That said, while this bag has many benefits, the weight isn’t one of them. It weighs in at 9.5 pounds, which is very heavy for a golf bag. It certainly wouldn’t be wise to walk the course with this bag. Once again, it’s a better option if you’re using some form of cart.

Some of the Bag Boy Revolver Pro Divider Bag’s benefits are a 14-way rotating top with full length dividers, Shaft Lok technology that holds your clubs in place, seven zippered pockets, a molded trunk handle that makes it easier to lift and set the bag, a tee holder, an umbrella holder, as well as many other features.

This is a very heavy bag, which might be bad if you’re looking to carry it, but the weight is a positive factor when it comes to durability. If you’re looking for a solid bag that will last a long time, this is a good option. Just keep in mind that you will also not be getting as much storage room as you would with some other bags.

These are only some golf cart bag options. There are so many bags out there that it would be impossible to list them all. It’s recommended that you comparison shop and look at reviews prior to making any purchase. If you pick the right one, a golf bag is something that you can keep for a very long time.

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