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Choosing The Best Used Golf Carts For Sale

Golf Carts   

There are currently a large number of used golf carts for sale and this means that people have the opportunity to buy some quality transportation units at very good prices. Before you begin your search for a used golf cart for sale you need to determine the type of utility transportation that will be most suitable for your needs. The major manufacturers of these vehicles are Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha, but there are other makers with their own models on the market as well.

There are 3 basic categories of used golf cars for sale. These include gasoline powered carts, electric powered golf buggies and a smaller class of carts that are operated with diesel fuel. The type that you choose will depend on what the cart will be used for as well as your personal preferences. Although you can purchase any of these vehicles the trend toward electric powered carts is the driving force today. If you plan to use your vehicle on the golf course or in a gated community setting these are the ones you should be considering.

You can locate many inexpensive golf carts today by checking out local ads in your community. These units are also offered for sale by private golfing clubs. The manufacturers of these vehicles will also have both new and used golf buggies for sale throughout the year. Online sites may provide you with the largest variety of available golf cart models.

The majority of carts are leased when they are new. This means that there is always plenty of used carts being offered for sale. Many golf courses will return their older model carts to the dealer every 2-3 years and exchange them for newer ones. These used electric golf carts have been very well maintained and they are great buys for the money. A pre-owned golf cart can save you up to 50% off the original cost and these vehicles have generally had very little use.

Used gas golf carts for sale have the advantage being easy to repair if something mechanical should go wrong. It is also easy to keep them operating because they require a standard battery and gasoline. These used transports are good ideas for use on a farm and they can even be used in communities that approve them as on-road vehicles. They are not allowed to be operated on most golf courses however because of the noise and pollution.

Diesel powered models are also available. There are not many of these carts on the market but some people still have a decided preference for them. The motors are phenomenally long lived, and they do deliver excellent mileage. This class of personal transportation units also is reported to have the least mechanical problems throughout the life of the vehicles.

Today it is the used electric golf carts for sale that people prefer to purchase. These carts are extremely quiet, very eco-friendly and cost efficient as well. There are also many more styles and models for consumers to consider when they are ready to buy one of these vehicles. The most inconvenient feature of electric carts is the fact that their batteries have to be charged regularly in order to be used. There are many quality models available such as the 2001 Club Car Electric that still look and operate as good as new.
You will find that there are large numbers of trendy body styles and you can find a used golf cart for sale that is designed to look like some of the top selling automotive vehicles. These units have a specially constructed chassis and a fabricated outer shell which has been crafted and painted to duplicate the look like a Cadillac, a Ferrari or a Hummer. There are many other styles that you can choose from, but if you do select a trendy look for your golf cart you need to remember that the demand and popularity for a certain style changes very quickly.

Although most golf carts have a similar look there are distinctive differences in the ones that are produced by EZ Go, Limousine, Club Car and Yamaha. Any of those used electric gas carts for sale can be customized with special accessories and kits. You can add an extra bench seat, a canopy cover, rain and wind panels, and new windshields; or just add a higher profile to your used cart with a lift kit. These are all ways to add your own personalization to your vehicle.

There are always a number of options that can be added to almost any used cart that will upgrade its looks and functions. You can add ball washers, drink holders and designer seats. In fact there are tops made from polyethylene that are designed to look like the original shell coverings. You can find some that will fit older cart models like the 82-99 Club Car, the 80-85 EZ Go and the Yamaha G1, G2/G9.

If you want used golf carts for sale that can meet the criteria for street use then you need to think about models like the 2002 Ford Think Neighbor NEV/Golf Cart. This electric powered cart is equipped with brake lights, turn signals, side mirrors, horns and headlights. When you purchase one of these carts that already has all of these features it automatically affords you more options when it comes to how the vehicle can be used.

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