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Take Advantage of Closeout Golf Shoes


If you’re reading this article then there’s a very good chance that you are a fan of two things. The first one is golf and the second is a good deal. When people have an interest in a certain item or items and they hear the word ‘closeout,’ bells usually go off in their head. For those who don’t know, a closeout is basically a sale of something that will not be going on sale anymore. The seller is taking the inventory down to zero. This can be either due to a bankruptcy, fire sale, relocation of a retailer, or other event. While the reasons for a closeout sale might vary, one thing remains the same, and that is that the prices for items will be significantly decreased. The seller does this so they can make sure they cut their losses and/or get rid of their entire inventory. It’s something necessary for them and an opportunity for you.

In this case, the closeout sales we are referring to are closeout golf shoes. A golf shoes closeout is something that every golfer should take advantage of. The reason golfers often don’t is because they’re unaware of the golf shoe closeouts. If they were aware of them, they would surely be loading up on golf shoes so they wouldn’t have to shop for them for a while. The best part about golf shoe closeouts is that the prices can range anywhere from $25 to $200. That means you can pretty much pick and choose what kind of style you want or how much you want to spend. The discount you’re receiving is often 50% or more. Some of these offers will be covered below.

Is There A FootJoy Golf Shoes Closeout?

Yes. You can always find FootJoy closeout items online. The only thing to keep in mind is that the products offered are constantly changing. FootJoy items sell fast, and once something is sold there’s a good chance that item won’t be seen again. Most popular sizes sell out especially fast. You can find all types of FootJoy products, including DryJoys, Contours, eComforts, and GreenJoys.

Your first option is the FootJoy SYNR-G Golf Shoe. They come in four different colors and sell for about $120. There is a two year waterproof warranty. These shoes take advantage of G-Force outsole technology, which helps offer great stabilization. These shoes are a good option if balance is your primary focus.

You can check out the FootJoy DryJoys Traditional Golf Shoes – 09. These shoes come in two different colors and sell for around $80. There is a two year waterproof warranty. They offer stability PODS outsole technology and an ECL leather system by Pittards. These shoes have a simple and neat look.

Another option is the FootJoy ReelFit Golf Shoe. They come in four colors and sell for around $80. There is a two year waterproof warranty. There was a real focus on comfort when these shoes were designed, hence the name ‘ReelFit.’ These shoes also have a BOA technology system opposed to laces, which is just another feature to improve fit and ease of use. This is a highly recommended shoe if you enjoy being extremely comfortable.

How about checking out the FootJoy DryJoys Tech Sport Golf Shoes – 09? They come in three colors and sell for around $80. They have a two year waterproof warranty. These shoes are especially for those who like looking sporty. If you like to golf in style, you should really consider purchasing these. They also are designed with PODS outsole technology and an ECL leather system by Pittards.

Do you not like spikes? If that’s the case, there is a golf shoe option for you. Take a look at the FootJoy DryJoys Spikeless Golf Shoes – 09. These shoes obviously don’t have spikes. They also look more like sporty hiking shoes. They have a very cool look and come with outsole versatility. They sell for around $80.

The final FootJoy option for this particular list is the FootJoy DryJoys Sport Golf Shoes – 09. One negative is that these shoes only come in one color. That said, you’re still getting a lot of benefits, including stability PODS outsole technology, an ECL leather system by Pittards, a sporty look, a two year waterproof warranty, and a pair of quality golf shoes for just under $80.

Is There An ECCO Golf Shoes Closeout?

Yes. You can always find an ECCO golf shoe closeout somewhere. That’s usually the case with such popular brands. They produce and sell so many items that there’s bound to be a closeout necessary somewhere at some point in time. All you have to do is find it. For this particular list, we will cover ECCO Lady Golf Shoes. All the golf shoes listed above are for men, so it would only be fair to put in a few options for the ladies.

Your first good option is going to be the ECCO Ladies Ace Hydromax Golf Shoes. These shoes are really cool looking, pretty much because they look like a pair of sneakers. The shoes sell for around $80 and are only available in sizes 5 to 12.5. They have soft leather uppers, textile and micro-fiber lining, moisture-absorbent comfort fiber, and heel stabilizers. You’re pretty much getting all the necessary modern golf shoe technology for a very good price. There is also a two year warranty. These shoes come in white/black/silver, white/meadow/silver/, and white/sand/gold. If you choose to wear these out on to the golf course with friends and they happen to ask how much you paid, you might not want to tell them. You might spark rages of jealousy.

Another option is the ECCO Casual Pitch Argyle Golf Shoes. These shoes should be selling for around $160, but can be found on online closeout golf shoe offers for as little as $60! These shoes are only available in sizes 5 to 12.5. Hopefully, you fit into that range. There is a one year waterproof guarantee, which is one year less than the standard guarantee when it comes to golf shoes, but at that price, how can you complain? The shoes are built with soft leather uppers and moisture-absorbent comfort fiber. The latter is to ensure that your feet will stay dry and cool all day long. That is a big benefit since you will often play on damp grass. These shoes are available in ice white, bison/white/dolphin, blue/blue shadow, and white/rose/purple glow.

You always have the option to go to a retail store to buy golf shoes, but there are only three reasons someone would do that. One, they aren’t aware of closeout golf shoe sales online (or in other retail stores). Two, they like to be seen out and about at the highest end stores. Or, three, they really enjoy spending money they don’t need to spend.

If, however, you’re the type of person that doesn’t need to be seen at the highest end store and likes to save money whenever possible while still having an opportunity to purchase something of high quality, then it’s recommended that you look into online closeout golf shoe sales. They’re out there. There’s no reason not to take advantage of them.

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