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Electric Golf Buggy Facts, Figures and Buying Tips

Golf Carts   

If you ask a golfer what his preference of transport is he will likely list an electric golf buggy over most of the popular automobiles on the market. These whisper-quiet carts are frequently seen traveling about most courses. It is not just the golfers that admire these utility vehicles however; there are also a number of businesses that also have need for the efficient service and transportation these carts provide.

Electric Golf Buggy Models are Green Wheels in Action

Electric power is capable of providing the world with clean, efficient energy and it is being used to power electric golf buggies on almost all of the major golf courses. You might find a few gasoline powered golf carts still around, but these are largely being swept aside as the golfing community embraces the “green living” concept. In fact more places are proposing bans that will restrict their members from using anything other than an electric golf buggy when they come out to play their next 18 holes.

Electric Motors and More

Electric golf carts use a system of standard lead-acid batteries to propel their electric motors. These batteries are available for use during the daytime hours, and when you park your cart in the evening you can just plug the battery charger into any standard power outlet and let your electric golf buggy recharge during the night.

There are some top brands which feature an additional option that is called “opportunity charging”. This enables you to recharge your buggy at any time of day or night when in is not in use. Most carts operate with a 36 or 48 volt electric system. The 48 volt buggies will provide stronger and longer hours of service, and these are the most desirable to the majority of golfers. There are even a few that use a smaller 24 volt battery system and you can find some limited editions that are designed to support a 72 volt energy pack.

Top Selling Points

You will find that electric golf buggies have been undergoing a lot of change in the past 5 years and they now have some special features that you might want to consider.

  • Regenerative brake system that increases the life of the battery by helping it recharge when the cart is traveling downhill or is traveling very slowly.
  • Always look for an electric golf buggy that has an easy swap out design for the battery so that you can quickly change it out whenever you need to.

The cost of operating electric golf carts is at least 5 times less than the cost involved to operate gasoline powered golf carts. This money saving feature is a prime reason that many individuals and businesses are electing to use the electric powered models.

Electric golf carts are adaptable for use in either indoor or outdoor environments. This increases their versatility and range of use. Gas powered carts are not able to be used indoors because of the pollution that is produced, unlike the emission free service from electric golf cart models.

Electric Golf Cart Maintenance

No matter whether you are searching for new or used electric golf carts you will need to give serious consideration to the type of maintenance that is going to be required. Electric motors do not need as much routine care and upkeep as the gasoline powered models. You do not have to worry about air filters and spark plugs and this is very attractive to many potential customers.

With electric golf carts you do have to make sure that you monitor the water level for the batteries. This is the single most important maintenance check that will be required. Every 2-3 years these vehicles will need to have new batteries installed. The cost for one of these batteries is about $500. If you are taking good care of your electric golf buggy you should expect the electric motor to last for 10 years, or longer.

Cost Involved

You will find electric golf buggy costs will vary a great deal according to the features and options you select, and whether you are purchasing new or used. Many used carts are available at prices less than $3000, but some new ones have price tags that rival those seen on new cars. There are electric golf buggies that sell from $10K to $30K, and some even cost more than this.

Buying Used

Many of the golf carts are considered economical utility vehicles and they are used for a variety of duties. Because of their versatility and rugged dependability many of these units are purchased by fleets. This really works to the consumer’s advantage if you are looking for a good deal on a used golf cart because you can buy a well kept electric golf buggy with low hours at a deeply discounted price.

Used electric golf carts are sold under 2 different headings. The refurbished models have been inspected, cleaned by the local dealer or the cart manufacturer before being offered to the public. These usually have some type of warranty that may range from 30 days to 1 year.

The other classification for these electric golf buggies is to offer them for sale with the distinction that they are sold “as is”. Many people who are looking for cheap electric golf buggies will be searching through these listings. These carts may have had a cursory inspection but not a complete and comprehensive maintenance check. These generally come without any guarantee, although a few dealers may give an extremely limited warranty that may last for a couple of weeks.

Test the Product/Read the Review

Make sure that you always test drive any used electric golf buggy before you purchase it. Do not be afraid to test the lights, horn and other switches so that you know exactly what you are getting. You will also want to check out sites that feature an electric golf buggy review about the model that you are considering buying. This will help you discover some valuable information about service, performance, handling and reliability of the cart that has caught your eye.

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