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Fairway Wood Sets


If you’re like most golfers, you have been put in that awkward situation where you’re not sure how to approach a particular shot. The shot referred to in this case is the one that is a little bit too far for a safe iron and you would really like to ‘get it there’. You usually have three options when this situation comes up. You can play it safe and hit a high iron, take a chance with a low iron, or whip out the fairway wood. It seems like everyone has an opinion on the correct approach here, but the truth is that it depends on the golfer. Let’s be honest. Some golfers are just better than others.

That said, if you happen to prefer hitting fairway woods, then there are some options listed below.

What Is A Safe Fairway Woods Set Option For All Levels Of Play?

One good option is the Callaway Hyper X Steel Shaft Fairway Wood Set. It comes with a 3 wood, a 5 wood, and a 7 wood. Based on reviews, it has lived up to its advertising by bringing more consistent shot making to your game. Of course, this has more to do with the individual and their swing, but to hear that others are happy with the product is always a good sign.

These clubs have steel shafts and their dimensions are 6 x 45 x 3.

Callaway offers a 30 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty, which is a nice gesture, but it’s rare to see warranties honored as advertised with golf clubs, so don’t put too much stock into this.

The Callaway Hyper X Steel Shaft Fairway Wood Set sells for an average price of $399.99. That’s a little on the expensive side, but you are paying for quality. With these clubs, you’re probably going to get a lot more mileage than a cheaper option, which will allow the clubs to pay for themselves. Overall, it’s a good option if you can afford it.

When It Comes To Fairway Wood Sets, What Is A Good Option For Beginners?

There are several good options when looking for clubs for beginners. One thing the golfing industry is not shy about is doing everything in their power to get new players involved. The more new players they get, the more money they make. Each company’s goal is to land you as a loyal lifetime customer. That being the case, they design equipment to the best of their ability to make you better when you first start out. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely it is you’re going to continue playing. The more you play, the more equipment you will require. That’s where their money is made.

Of all the good fairway woods sets out there for beginner, there is one that did stand out. That’s the Dunlop Red Neck Hybrid 3 Wood, 4 Wood set. They obviously didn’t do a very good job with the name. The first thing that comes to mind is someone drinking a beer and hitting a plastic golf ball toward an empty tin can while drinking a beer in the other hand. Luckily, the product is better than the name.

These clubs are made from a combination of steel, graphite, rubber and plastic. The graphite shafts are firm flex and the Chinese workmanship does show.

These clubs will help a beginner hit higher and straighter shots. That doesn’t mean high and straight every time, but there should be a slight improvement in their game. The clubs are good options in many areas, including when you’re dead center on the fairway, in almost any type of rough, and believe it or not, chipping around the green. They are a good replacement for tough irons.

There are two negatives with this fairway wood set. One is that they only make it for right handed players. Two, there have been several complaints that one of the clubs feels heavier than the other. If this had happened only once, you would assume it was only in the player’s head, but when several players make the same complaint, you have to assume there might be an issue. That said, these players are in the minority and it is possible that they just read other reviews of the clubs prior to purchasing them, got the thought in their heads, and took the conspiracy theory from there.

One of the best things about this set is the price, which is only $65.99.

Are There Any Good Fairway Wood Set Options For Left-Handed Players?

Yes. There is a good set called the Men’s Reaction Left-Handed 1, 3, and 5 Graphite Woods Set. Yes, you did read the correctly. There is a ‘1’ in there. That’s actually what makes this set such a good option. All of the three clubs have such a large sweet spot that hitting a 1 off the fairway will feel similar to hitting it off a tee. Of course, the 3 and 5 woods are going to be more forgiving, but just having the 1 as an option is a great bonus.

These clubs are 450cc titanium-enhanced. In English, that means that you have a better chance of hitting longer drives than you do with the average club. The club also has graphite shafts for added power.

This set sells for around $108. Unfortunately, it only sells to the United States.

Are There Any Fairway Woods Sets That Offer Very Forgiving Clubs?

Yes and no. There are fairway clubs that are very forgiving, and while they should be a set, for some reason they are all sold separately. I’m referring to the Synchron II Fairway Woods. Their woods range from 3 to 15 and they all have the same construction yet they don’t sell as a set. If you are still interested in this option, each club sells for $54.95. It’s my guess they only do this because they can make a lot more money this way.

These clubs are available in all lofts and are definitely forgiving. The dual-rail sole is certainly an advantage when it comes to tough lies. You will also have a larger sweet spot because of the long toe to heel and taller face height.

If you want a quality replacement for an iron, this will be one of your better options. Hopefully, for your sake, you’re happy with just two or three fairway woods. Otherwise, you’re going to end up spending a small fortune.

Are Fairway Woods Really Necessary?

No. They’re not necessary. However, it would be wise to have every advantage possible. If you haven’t already, you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you wish you had one. At that point, you’re either going to reluctantly hit an iron or ask a friend to use his fairway wood. While your friend will most likely let you use it, you won’t have a good feel for the club.

Every golfer should seriously consider having fairway woods in their bag. If you get used to hitting them, they can be great weapons.

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