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Finding Quality Golf Carts For Sale

Golf Carts   

If you’re a golfer, then you know there is nothing much better in the world than getting into your golf cart and heading off to the first tee. There’s an exciting and optimistic anticipation about it. Because for those few moments, you’re a scratch golfers. It is very possible that you might shoot the best round of your life, or at least hit the best shot of your life. For those who play golf, you know that’s what keeps bringing us back. It might only be one shot, but we know if we can do it once, then there’s always a possibility that we can do it again. What most of us don’t realize is how important our golf carts are. Imagine having to walk every round you played in the past, present and future? Your golfing career certainly wouldn’t be as long. That’s enough reason to prove the golf cart’s value. So, the next step is buying a golf cart.

There all types of golf carts for sale. Whether it’s E-Z-GO, Club-Car, Yamaha or another brand, they come in many different shapes and sizes. Okay, well maybe not too many different sizes. Most golf carts are four feet in width, eight feet in length, and six feet in height. And they’re often around 900 to 1,000 pounds. If only our golf scores could be as consistent as how our golf carts are made (as far as dimensions go).

There are two types of golf carts in the sense of how they operate. One is a gas-powered golf cart and the other is an electric golf cart. There have been many debates over which one is better. Some might say that you’re spending too much on electricity when charging an electric golf cart and that a battery every few years is very expensive. They might have a point, but electric golf carts tend to last much longer (sometimes as long as thirty years), cost less, and require a lot less maintenance, so they each have their benefits.

Does E-Z-Go Have A Quality Golf Cart For Sale?

Yes. E-Z-GO has a few quality golf carts for sale. They are one of the most trusted names in the golf cart industry. Their reputation, which has been based on advanced technology and customer service, has always been stellar. You really can’t go wrong if you decide to buy an E-Z-GO golf cart. Okay, I guess it’s always possible you can go wrong, but let’s put it this way, if you buy a new E-Z-GO golf cart and you’re unhappy, then either something might be wrong with you and/or you’re not going to be happy with any other option.

The three most popular versions of golf carts that E-Z-GO sells are the RXV, the Freedom RXV, and the TXT.

The RXV is built primarily for durability. If you’re going to be heading out to rough and rugged courses, then this is a good option for you. It’s a reliable cart that offers very good performance. There is also an electric and gas-powered model. The electric model has an innovative AC drive, and F/T regenerative breaking. The gas powered model has a thirteen horsepower Kawasaki engine. You can’t go wrong either way. This golf cart comes in green, white, red and blue.

The Freedom RXV is more for cruising. This is a good cart for someone who will be playing more on even courses with fewer obstacles. The Freedom RVX has advanced technology that leads to superior comfort, safety and durability. It is also highly customizable.

The third option for E-Z-GO golf carts is the TXT. This cart’s claim to fame is that it is extremely quiet and comfortable. So, if you like to ride in style, then this is a good option for you. This cart is efficient and reliable. It is also customizable and comes with a plethora of accessory options. Accessories added or not, the cart’s sleek body has the potential to turn heads.

Most E-Z-GO Golf Carts come in the sixteen standard colors, but colors are also customizable. They often have utility bodies, double or triple seating, custom wheels, and come with convertible rain covers.

Do You Know Of Any Used Golf Carts For Sale?

Yes. Finding a used golf cart for sale is usually pretty easy. Just type in ‘used golf carts for sale’ on a search engine and many options will pop up. I did some of this research for you and will cover what I came up with below. There were some really good, cheap golf carts for sale. This list should give you a good idea of what to expect when you’re shopping for a used golf cart.

The first golf cart I came across was a 1987 Club Car Gas Golf Cart. Club Car is another great name you can trust, so I was expecting a high number. The cart only sells for $1800, but that probably has a lot to do with the year. It had a new silver body, headlights, tail lights, a nine horsepower Kawasaki engine, an all-aluminum frame, wheel covers and a sun top. Pretty good features for the price.

Next there was a 1994 Club Car Gas Golf Cart. It had a similar price to the first option, which was $1700, and similar features as well. Those features included a plain body, sun top wheel covers, a nine horsepower Kawasaki engine, and an all-aluminum frame.

Another option was a 1995 Club Car Gas Golf Cart that sold for $3000. It had a new body that was blue, a sun top, ss wheel covers, a nine horsepower Kawasaki engine, headlights, tail lights, and flip seat.

Further down the list was a 2002 Yamaha Gas Golf Cart. It had a white body, sun top, wheel covers, eleven horsepower Yamaha engine, and it sold for $2600.

Finally, there was a 2001 Yamaha Gas Golf Cart that sold for $3000. It had a white body, a sun top, a flip seat, an eleven horsepower Kawasaki engine, headlights and taillights.

It’s not expected that you go out and buy these actual carts. This list is just to give you a good idea of how much used golf carts are selling for these days. If, by the way, you choose to go with Yamaha, that’s not a bad option at all. They often use fewer parts to build their golf carts, which leads to a lighter weight. That, in turn, gives their carts more power. They also usually have the lowest maintenance costs.

Whether it’s new or used, a golf cart is more than just a luxury. It will save you wear and tear on your legs and entire body. This is not to say walking isn’t good for you, but if you’re carrying a full golf bag on your shoulder or pulling a weighted cart for eighteen holes, then a golf cart is certainly the safer option.

When shopping for a golf cart, don’t fall into the impulse buying trap. Find a cart that is a good fit for you. If you do your homework and make an informed and well-budgeted decision, you should end up very happy with the purchase you decide to make.

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