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Choosing The Right Golf Bag


Do you own a golf bag? If not, there are several quality options listed below. Even if you do own a golf bag, maybe it’s time to upgrade.

Golfers often underestimate the importance of golf bags. Regardless of how you choose to travel the course, they’re going to be important. If you’re walking the course, then you’re going to want a bag on the lighter side. That said, this can get tricky because the lighter bags are often not as durable. Finding the right bag that is light, durable, and matches your style as well as the features you want can be difficult.

If you use a pull cart to move your bag from one place to another, then you also want a bag on the lighter side. In this case, though, you can afford to sacrifice some weight for some durability. Whether carrying the bag on your shoulder or via a pull cart, your bag will be very exposed to the elements. That can wear on a bag that isn’t constructed efficiently.

If you usually use a golf cart then you shouldn’t be too concerned with the weight of the bag and go more for durability. This might be a little more expensive, but it will be worth it. You also want to choose a bag that offers the amount of compartments you need. For example, if you only hit and carry five clubs, there’s no reason to have an 11-way divider at the top. Also, if you travel lightly when playing golf, then don’t pay for extra compartments. Also keep in mind that a golf bag isn’t something you use for a few months and then replace it for a new one. It’s something that will be a part of your golf game for years. That’s why it’s so important that you make a good decision.

If you’re not sure where to start when searching for a golf bag, you should consider beginning your search with the bigger brand names like Callaway, Ping and Nike. These three companies have some of the most advanced technology in the industry while still selling at reasonable prices. Some of the Callaway and Ping golf bag options will be covered below.

Callaway Golf Bags

If you’re looking for a bag that costs less than $100, one of your best options will be the Callaway CX Golf Cart Bag. It’s a lightweight bag with four compartments. It uses durable zippers for access to its compartments, has a sturdy carry handle, and is also water resistant. This bag comes in black and blue.

If you want to move up a notch but not spend too much more, check out the Callaway Warbird Stand Bag. This bag sells for $119. It is best known for being stable and strong. It has a sturdy carry handle and stand, five zippered pockets, and five specialty pockets. More importantly, it only weighs 5 lbs. This is a great bag for someone who likes to walk the course. After several holes, you will notice that your level of fatigue has been minimized compared to when you use a standard bag.

If quality is of the most importance to you, consider the Diablo Edge Hybrid. This bag weighs 7 lbs. It has a 9.5 inch top and an 11-way divider. The technology of the strap leads to optimum comfort while carrying and the stand is very sturdy. You will also get 12 pockets (this is a lot for a golf bag) as well as a fleece-lined valuables pocket.

As with most areas of golf equipment and apparel, Callaway offers a ton of choices. Regardless of who you are, how you play, or what your style is, there’s an excellent chance that the right Callaway golf bag is out there for you.

Ping Golf Bags

One of the top ping golf bags is the Ping Hoofer Vantage Stand Bag. This bag sells for around $189 and is often used by collegiate players, as well as some of the best young golfers in the world. That being the case, you know two things. One, it must be of excellent quality. Two, Ping golf bags will be on the rise as the next generation works their way in to the professional golf arena.

The quality of this bag is obvious simply because of the polypropylene material that was used to make it so durable. Another reason the young players might like it so much is because of its cool yet simple design. This bag also delivers on easy access to clubs. It has a five way top with four full-length dividers. There are seven pockets for easy storage. If there’s anything you’d want to tweak about the bag, that’s also possible. This bag is customizable. Ping really went all out with this bag. It’s an excellent golf bag and highly recommended.

If you’re looking for a lightweight golf bag from Ping, consider the Ping Freestyle Stand Bag. It costs around $170 and weighs less than 5 lbs. This is extremely light and is only possible because of the secondary spring wire that was used to construct the bag. This bag also offers plenty of style, as most Ping golf bags do. It has a 4-way top and 3 full-length dividers. There are 8 pockets and a lined valuables area.

Golf Travel Bags

If you’re an avid golfer that likes to travel and play courses all around the country, or even the world, then you’re always going to need a golf travel bag. They make traveling with a golf bag easy, which was never the case years ago. Two good options for a golf travel bag are listed below.

The first option is the Callaway Golf X-Series Stand Golf Bag Carrier. This golf bag carrier holds stand bags up to 9.5 inches and clubs up to 46 inches. Its construction is primarily designed on protection. The ergonomic handle also makes it easy to carry and the inline skate wheels make for easy transportation. This bag is very durable.

You can also go with the Samsonite Lookin’ Good Golf Travel Bag With Wheels for only $80. This bag is made of 600 denier polyester. It has a quilted top with extra padding, a lock and key, self-repairing zippers, a no-slip shoulder strap, and inline skate wheels.


Regardless of what brand name you choose to go with, it’s always a good idea to consider getting both a golf bag and golf travel bag at the same time. Not only will this make your life easier in the future when you’re ready to play some golf while traveling, but you might be able to get a discount if you’re buying from the same company. This is not always a possibility, but is always worth the effort.

Golf bags and golf travel bags don’t vary as much as other forms of golf equipment as far as prices are concerned. Therefore, it’s more important that you spend your time looking for something that is a good match for you, opposed to a good bargain.

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