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Golf Buddy Review

Have you ever looked at a particular lie you had, placed your hand over your eyes to block the sun for a better view to the hole, and determined that you needed to hit a 7 iron? The answer is probably yes. And how often does someone you’re playing with pipe in at the last second and tell you that an 8 iron would be a better option? We’ve all been there at least once. It’s frustrating, and while your golfing partner is only trying to help out, all he’s really doing is confusing you.

The golf buddy is something that was designed to help solve problems like these, among many other dilemmas you might find on the golf course. The question is, “Does it work?” Even if the answer is yes, how effective is it? That’s what will be covered below.

The golf buddy GPS is designed to help you shave a few strokes off your game by letting you know all types of information about the course you’re playing on, as well as your habits and what might be the correct approach for you in a certain situation. There are three versions of the golf buddy, which are the golf buddy plus, the golf buddy pro, and the golf buddy tour.

There are really only a few differences between the three, one of them being price. The golf buddy plus sells for about $280. The golf buddy pro sells for about $350. The golf buddy tour sells for about $430. That’s quite a range in price for devices that pretty much accomplish the same thing. The plus version only has a black and white LCD screen, so if you’re into top of the line technology, you might want to pass. The pro has a high resolution LCD screen and is rain-resistant. The tour has a color screen and can be used in the rain. The other main difference is that the Pro and Tour version store up to 20,000 courses and the Plus only stores 1,000 courses. All of them come pre-loaded with certain popular courses. While there are some other factors separating the three, these are the primary ones. Use this information wisely prior to purchasing.

Can The Golf Buddy Help Me Keep Track Of Previous Scores?

Yes. The golf buddy plus, golf buddy pro, and golf buddy tour GPS can all keep track of your previous scores. The best part about this feature is that it doesn’t only keep track of your previous scores, but it also keeps track of your previous scores for each individual hole and course. This can be extremely beneficial for the next time you play that hole and/or course. This feature will also calculate your handicap. The best part about this is that the numbers don’t lie.

I Heard The Golf Buddy Offers Golf Course Customization. What Does That Mean?

That means the golf buddy can store up to eleven targets on any specific hole. These targets will help you determine if you should hit long or layup. There are also targets already stored for some of the more popular courses.

Does The Golf Buddy Keep Track Of Your Distance?

Yes. That is the primary purpose of the device. It will automatically update you on how far out you are. Just keep in mind that this information is based on a straight line and a horizontal plane. Regardless, this is valuable information and will help you with club selection.

It will also be able to let you know where the hazards are on the course, as well as what their exact distances are. This isn’t only helpful for when you’re looking at the hazards with the naked eye, but it’s especially helpful when the hazards are hidden. The device can also determine what type of lie you will have in some areas. This information will help you make better decision on lay ups and carries. Sometimes emotion, macho muscles, or deception of depth perception can also come into play. The golf buddy improves your odds of making a good decision.

Is It True That The Golf Buddy Can Calculate Your Shot Distance?

Yes. It’s not going to be exactly accurate every time, but with previous information stored it will be able to tell you how far you usually hit each club. This is done by using the Mark Feature, which measures how far you hit each club. This will be extremely beneficial in many situations. Just remember not to count out the weather, as that can play a big role and skew the numbers a little.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of The Golf Buddy?

All three versions offer automatic course and hole recognition. This means that the device will recognize the hole if it has been stored, automatically giving you all the necessary information.

The golf buddy comes in multiple languages, there are no hidden fees, and you will have access to over 15,000 courses in the United Sates and access to 24,000 courses total throughout the world. This service is completely free, which is nice to see considering they could have certainly made money off the service.

What Would You Say Is The Best Thing About The Golf Buddy?

It would be difficult to pinpoint one particular factor. A couple of things that weren’t covered earlier were that it has been reported and reviewed to be extremely durable and accurate. Are those the biggest benefits? Probably not to many, but to others they certainly are. There are a lot of golfers out there who want security. They want to know that the product they buy is going to last and pay dividends.

For others, the biggest benefits will most likely be that they will feel they have an edge over other golfers. That said, while distance reading and targets are important, nothing can ever replace repetitions. Some will say repetitions are only good if they’re done correctly, but if they’re already always done correctly, what would be the point of repetitions in the first place? The point of repetitions isn’t just to keep your swing, but to help find the errors so you can make adjustments. That’s something the golf buddy, or any other technology created in the past, present, or future, can’t help with.

Would You Recommend The Golf Buddy?

It might not help your game as much as advertised, but it helps. Anything that can improve your game or even give you the slightest advantage is worthwhile. A lot depends on your budget. If you do choose to purchase one, it’s probably not necessary to go with the most expensive option.

Whether you decide to get the golf buddy or not, make sure that repetitions are your key focus if you’re looking to improve.

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