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Three Great Golf Buggies

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If you play golf, then you have most likely been in a golf buggy before. Most people probably take golf buggies for granted. They don’t realize what golf buggies have to offer. On the golf course, they can help keep your body fresh, allowing you to maximize your potential by using a natural swing during play (you won’t be fighting fatigue). Off the golf course, they can be used at airports, businesses, campgrounds, resorts, bus stations, shopping centers, and so much more.

While golf buggies offer a lot off the golf course, we’ll primarily be focusing on golf buggies that are beneficial for the golf course. While there are many companies that have golf buggies for sale, E-Z-GO is one of your best options, if not the best. Their E-Z-GO RXV, E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart, and TXT shuttle will all be discussed below. The first two options are mainly for golf course use, while the third offers a little more versatility. They each have their benefits. Some reading here in addition to some research should help you find the right golf buggy for you.

Prior to reading about these options, you should first decide if you’re going to want to go with something on the electric golf buggies side or the petrol powered golf buggies side. While the petrol powered golf buggy has some benefits, like not having to worry about charging your cart and offering more power, an electric golf buggy requires less maintenance, is often cheaper, and is better for the environment.

Can You Tell Me More About The E-Z-GO RXV?

The E-Z-GO RXV comes in both electric and petrol powered models. The electric powered model has an AC Drive and full time regenerative breaking. The petrol powered model comes with a 13 horsepower Kawasaki engine. So, as you can already see, you can’t really go wrong either way. That said, most of the attention will be paid to the electric model.

This buggy produces more power than average due to the drive train using an alternating current motor. This will also allow for more time between charges. The fail-safe redundant braking system also uses electric and mechanical brakes. In English, that means if the power fails, the brakes won’t.

The main safety feature on this golf buggy is that the front, side and back bumpers all use an energy transfer system in case of impact. This will help protect the engine as well as other important parts.

The RXV’s greatest attributes are comfort, safety, and that it uses little energy to operate effectively. Overall, this golf buggy is highly recommended.

Can You Tell Me More About The E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart?

The E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart is another great option. Just as with the E-Z-GO RXV, it also comes in electric and petrol. The greatest thing about this cart, if we’re to look at it from a simplistic point of view, is that the engine was solely designed for a golf buggy, and with only this golf buggy in mind.

The E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart has a twin cylinder overhead cam engine and 11 horsepower. It also has true rack and pinion steering, as well as a DryaShield body.

As you can see, there’s not much this cart doesn’t offer. Its features are simple and of high quality, and its price is very reasonable. Prices aren’t listed here due to the wide range depending on the seller. If it’s a used golf buggy you’re looking to buy, then you must determine its value. If you choose this option, just make sure you inspect the cart and shop for as many prices as possible prior to purchasing.

The E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart has one extremely unique feature in that you actually get to choose between three performance options that will match the topography of the golf courses that you play on a regular basis.

This is a very neat golf buggy and is also highly recommended. The main difference between this model and the E-Z-GO RXV is that the E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart might offer a little more performance, while the RXV might offer a little more comfort and safety. That is not at all to say that they both don’t offer those features. They do. It’s just a matter of what you’re looking for a little extra of.

Can You Tell Me More About The TXT Shuttle?

The TXT shuttle is the versatile option. This buggy can be used on the golf course, on a military base, on a farm, at a warehouse, at hotels, at airports, basically anywhere.

Its build is big and strong. Think of it like the ox of golf buggies. You will certainly be well protected. And that’s important considering it can move a lot of cargo, which is sometimes human.

As far as the features go, the TXT shuttle has a welded tubular steel chassis, a DuraShield thermoplastic body, and a double reduction rack and pinion steering for good maneuverability. There aren’t many golf buggies of this size that can move like it can.

The front disk with rear drums also equal four wheel hydraulic braking, which is another good safety feature to have.

The TXT shuttle has a key operated ignition, an audible reverse warning, and option extras, which include turn indicators, a roof and windshield, and a rearview mirror. The one negative is that those extras probably shouldn’t be ‘extras’ or ‘add-ons,’ but you’re still getting a beast of a golf buggy if you choose this option, and extras are not likely to dissuade you from making a purchase.

These are only three options from E-Z-GO. This list is only to give you some ideas, or a head start you might say. There are so many golf buggy options out there that it would be silly just to refer to this list. That’s not to say there aren’t some high quality options here, because there certainly are, but it’s always wise to explore many options prior to buying something. If anything, your searches might lead you right back here to this list. Whether that’s the case or not, and whatever golf buggy you choose to go with, it’s hopeful that you enjoy the ride.

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