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Interesting Golf Car Parts

Golf Carts   

If you play golf then you know how important a golf cart is. Even a golf cart is not of great importance to you, it is to the game of golf. Just think of how many people out there wouldn’t be playing if golf carts weren’t available? You might get to at least 50%, which is an astronomical number when it comes to a recreational sport. Golf wouldn’t be what it is today. People wouldn’t watch the PGA Tour with great interest, they wouldn’t be playing golf as a hobby, and they generally wouldn’t care about the sport. This means that golf carts, which are really golf cars, are more important than you could have possibly imagined. We’re not talking about importance to the world here, but to the game of golf itself. Which brings me to this point, how would golf cars run without golf car parts? They wouldn’t. Therefore, golf cart parts might be the most important aspect of the game.

We could go through all the reasons why club car golf cart parts are important, what their value is, how they are installed, etc., but let’s be honest, that would be kind of boring. That being the case, we will look at some of the more interesting items that are available when it comes to a golf carts parts.

Prior to exploring this short list, you should know that 250,000 golf cars are leased per year. Many are owned in addition to that. They are also used in many places away from the golf course, including school grounds, businesses, factories, camps, beaches, homes, etc. Since they came onto the scene in 1954, they have been of great value to golfers, golf clubs and courses, and all those who require faster than walking transportation while still within close proximity to their destination.

I’m Looking For A Golf Cart With More Power. Do You Know Of Any?

Some golf carts have more power than others, but if you’re looking for more power, a better option might be to check out the 48V AC Power Conversion System. This will work in most golf carts — including Club-Car, EX-Go, Par-Car, Columbia, and Yamaha — so you might be able to upgrade without buying a whole new cart. This system is somewhat expensive at around $2,500, but it will still save you money if you’re thinking of buying a new cart. It will also be well worth the money.

If you like power, then the first thing that will excite you about this system is that it will allow your cart to go from zero to twenty in less than 3.5 seconds. Okay, we might not be talking about drag racing speeds here, but that’s pretty darn quick for a golf cart.

The 48V AC Power Conversion System is designed to give your cart more efficiency and better performance via an electrical system change. One thing to keep in mind prior to purchasing this item is that your golf cart will have to be gutted. At that point, either you or a qualified mechanic will have to install the system.

Some benefits of the system are 18 horsepower, a 6,000 rpm motor, a higher torque and lower power consumption, and full regenerative breaking to zero speed.

This is a great option for those who are looking to speed up their rounds a little bit. You might not realize it, but picking up a few seconds here and there adds up after 18 holes (or more). It’s also a good option for someone who needs to get around quickly when they’re not on the golf course. It’s perfect for a factory or campground.

I’m Looking For A Golf Cart Dash Cover. Do You Know Of Any?

If you’re looking for a golf cart dash cover, you should strongly consider the EZ-Go 08-Up RVX Golf Cart Dash Cover. It usually sells for around $100, give or take a few dollars, and is GMT designed and manufactured.

This golf cart dash cover is extremely durable and easy to assemble. All you have to do is snap it over the dash and secure it with screws. For convenience and storage, it also comes with two lockable doors on the sides.

If you desire a radio in your golf cart, not to worry, the EZ-Go 08-Up RVX Golf Cart Dash Cover allows dash-mounted radios. If you desire luxury and style, then this item is for you. It comes in array of colors, including black, carbon fiber, light simulated wood grain, dark wood grain mahogany, autumn teak, turned titanium, woody, buckskin tan soft touch, and dark charcoal black soft touch.

I’m Looking For Interesting Yamaha Golf Car Parts. Do You Know Of Any?

Yes. When it comes to golf car parts, Yamaha is one of the best in the business, if not the best. While they do offer an extraordinary range of items, only two will be covered here, and they’re both more on the fun side than the necessity side.

The first option for you when looking for interesting Yamaha golf car parts is the 8-inch Yamaha Drive Golf Cart Metallic Hubcap. These usually sell for around $48, so you will not be making much of a dent in your golf equipment and apparel bankroll, but you will be adding some flare.

These 8-inch finished metallic hubcaps are standard on all Yamaha Drive Models. However, there is no guarantee that you own a Yamaha Drive Model. Therefore, they are sold separately to add quality to your own cart. To show that your hubcaps are Yamaha, there will also be a Yamaha sticker in their centers.

These hubcaps can fit any golf cart with 8-inch standard wheels. They are a good option for those who are willing to spend a few extra dollars in return for some quality and style.

Another fun item when it comes to Yamaha golf car parts is the Yamaha Drive Golf Cart Personal Ice Chest Cooler and Basket. This item usually sells for around $80 and is well worth the investment. Just think about how much you usually spend on drinks during one round of golf. Between you and your golfing partners, you’d be able to buy the personal ice chest cooler and basket for the price of one day of drinks. That is especially the case if you’re the type to drink alcohol.

Regardless of what you’re drinking, this cooler and basket is roto-molded, has double wall construction, has an attached flip-up lid, holds up to six cans, and contains a portable ice chest that is easy to remove. If you’re concerned about color, this product only comes in black. Otherwise, this is a very worthwhile investment.

The above list is very short when it comes to golf cart parts. There is so much out there. That said, if you want to add style, quality, and enjoyment to your golf outings, these are some good options to consider.

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