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The Basics about Golf Cart Lift Kits

Golf Carts   

With golf cart lift kits you really can take your 4 wheeled transportation unit to a completely new level. These kits are very similar to the ones that are made to add that extra height and ground clearance to muscle cars that you see on the street. In addition to giving your golf cart a little more versatility when you use lift kits for golf carts your cart it instantly becomes a stand-out model that will attract a lot of attention. It does not matter if your current golfing vehicle is powered by gas or electricity; you can find a kit that will give you the additional elevation that you want.

Lift kits for golf carts are available with powder coated finishes that are resistant to rusting and chipping. Here are some of the qualities that you should look for if you are searching for the highest quality golf cart lift kits.

  • Make sure that the parts are designed for Simple and Easy installation
  • Kits should be available in various styles including spindle and long arm lifts.
  • The parts should be made from a heavy gauge steel
  • Gusset support braces add extra strength and durability
  • You should be able to get lift kits that have all of the parts necessary for front and rear elevation
  • Look to see if the kit has toe in/toe out adjustments as well as camber adjustments
  • Check and see the total amount of ground clearance that the kit will deliver
  • Kits should be available that will lift the entire cart for optimal ground clearance and there should be other kit options if you just want to elevate the front or rear of your cart

Jakes Golf Cart Lift Kits

One company that is dedicated to providing customers with top quality golf cart lift kits is Jakes. This is a one stop shop where you can select a complete package that is designed specifically for the type of cart that you own.

With one of the 6 inch lifts, and some 22 inch tires, you can add an overall elevation of 8 inches to your golf cart. This will result in a vehicle that can handle the roughest terrain and still give you a comfortable ride.

Tips from Jakes:
Jakes does recommend that customers use wheels and tires measuring 22x11x10 with any of their 6″ lift kits for long travel. Although you can use tires in the 22-25 inch range, the overall stability is best with the 22 inch models. Another tip is to pay careful attention to the offset of wheels on a cart that is going to have a lift installed. Jakes advises customers to choose an offset of negative 3.

EZ Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

If you are driving one of the 2 passenger EZ Go Medalist carts (1994-2001) then you can order one of the company kits to add lift and profile power. These kits can be used for lifts that range from 3 inches to 7 inches in height.

The model # E3LK requires no welding or metal cutting, due to its bolt-on design. It will add a 3 inch lift to your cart which instantly improves both the handling and ground clearance. The #E7LK is designed for all EZ Go 2 passenger golf carts (1994-2001). As with all of these kits you receive an easy to follow manual and all of the hardware that you need to complete the installation.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

Yamaha Lift Kits for golf carts are available and you can also get the necessary shocks & springs. These kits all feature easy installation and superior durability.

* For less than $300 you can choose basic 6″ Yamaha Spindle Lift Kits for 2 passenger carts.

* There is a 7 inch AA arm lift kit complete with a manual, and all hardware for installation that sells for less than $400. This lift kit will fit all Yamaha golf carts from 1995-2007 with model numbers G14, G16 and G19.

* You can even purchase a Yamaha Long Travel Lift Kit (Product ID YJLTLK) that is adjustable and provides elevation clearance from 4-8 inches. This lift will fit Yamaha golf carts G16, G19, G20 and G21.

Club Car Spindle Kits, “A”Arm Lift Kits, Shocks and Springs

Club Car is one of the largest producers of golf carts and accessories. The company produces a wide variety of lifts for their carts. These parts are made from quality tubular steel and are very easily installed with just some basic tools.

Lift kits by Club Car are available with camber adjustments and heavy duty springs. They are designed to fit carts produced from 1993-2010. Many of the kits come with an assortment of accessories including additional suspension springs, struts, extension plates and brake cables.

The C6DALK is an AA arm lift kit for Club car models produced between 1993 and 2003. This will transform your golf cart into a top of the line off road vehicle that can master almost any type of terrain that it meets and the total cost for the kit is less than $400.

Customer Expectations

Customizing a cart is a matter of taste and preference. Some carts will simply have a sharper appearance when you add some height to their profile but there are other factors that owners consider when it comes to changing the overall dimensions of their golf carts. Better handling and optimal ground clearance are the two main reasons that people purchase a golf car lift kit. If you follow the tips outlined in this article you will be sure to make a great deal when you are ready to decide which of the lift kits for golf carts is best for your needs.

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