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Interesting Golf Cart Parts

Golf Carts   

If you play golf on a regular basis, there’s a decent chance you own a golf cart. If that happens to be the case, then there will come a time when you’re going to need golf cart parts. Whether it’s routine maintenance, to repair something, or even if you’re looking to upgrade an aspect of your vehicle, golf cart parts will eventually prove to be important.

Without having the option to purchase these golf cart parts, your golf cart most likely wouldn’t live as long. It’s nice to see that manufacturers keep up to date with every little golf car part possible. Not only that, but they’re often relatively cheap, which is nice. Golfers spend enough money on the game as it is. It’s also a luxury that many of these parts come with easy to follow instructions. Even if you’re not a handyman, you should be able to add, remove, or replace parts with ease.

Golf car parts are also important because they keep our golf cars moving, and our golf cars can be important for many reasons. One of the obvious reasons is that some of us are not physically able to walk the golf course. They allow us to play our favorite game without suffering. Another reason is that they keep our bodies fresh, allowing us to hit better shots, score lower on our rounds, and feel better about ourselves after our last drained putt of the day. Of course, if you’re physically able to walk the course and aren’t concerned with your score, then walking might be the better option when it comes to health and fitness. For the rest of us, we’ll ride. Another final reason the golf cart is beneficial is simply that it’s comfortable and fun to ride in. That might sound simplistic, but it’s true. There aren’t any traffic lights and there isn’t any congestion. It’s nice to be able to drive around with some freedom for once.

In order to keep your golf cart running well, you will need to be aware of what types of golf cart parts are out there, or at least know what brand names can help lead you in the right direction when you’re in need. The three biggest names when it comes to parts for golf carts are E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car. It’s no coincidence that these are also the three biggest names in the golf cart industry. It’s their job to keep you pleased in every way possible. They’re well aware that you could potentially jump ship to one of the other big players if they let you down. Therefore, they will help you out every step of the way if you ever have a problem with one of their golf carts.

LV3648 Multi-Volt Super Charger

This fully automatic 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart battery charger is placed on the list first for a reason. That reason is simple. It can charge any electric golf cart in the universe. Yes, you read that correctly. This includes Club Car, Yamaha, and EZGO. It is also the only multi-volt golf cart battery charger out there. By turning a switch on the front of the battery, you can change it from 36 volt to 48 volt or vice versa. At a sale price of $255.60, this is an absolute steal.

Another huge advantage to this super charger battery is that you will receive a 12 month warranty, as well as a 5 year warranty on the transformer. There’s a good chance you won’t need to worry about that, though.

Yet another feature for this super charger is that it doesn’t only have a fully automatic shut-off, but it has a fully automatic shut-on! It’s not often that you hear about something like that. The way it works is that if the system’s battery is low, it will automatically turn on. This allows you to leave the battery plugged in and it will charge itself when necessary. This means that you can walk up to your golf cart at any time and know that it will be operational. Taking away a stress like that can make your golfing experiences a lot more enjoyable.

This product has sold thousands of times and has been around for about a decade. It is known by many as simply the best golf cart charger. It’s highly recommended.

Buggies Unlimited Flip-Flop Rear Seat Kit

This flip-flop kit allows you to transform your golf cart into not only a golf cart, but a multi-purpose vehicle. It can be used in many places, which include an airport, a warehouse, at a camp, on a campground, on hunting grounds, and of course, on the golf course.

It can be used it in an airport to transport people, at a warehouse to transport cargo, at a camp to transport sporting equipment, on a campground to transport camping gear, on hunting grounds to transport game, and on a golf course to transport a plethora of potential items and equipment.

This unique and often useful invention only costs $330, making it a good bargain.

Ezgo Golf Cart Parts

Ez go golf cart parts offer many good options. One of those options is a Stainless Steel Rear Brushguard. It sells for only $320, is easy to install, and helps eliminate the potential for rust.

The E-Z-GO Stainless Steel Rear Brushguard uses top quality 304 stainless steel. It fits any EZGO TXT golf cart that was built since 1994. If you’re looking for a brushguard and you own an EZGO golf car, this will be one of your best options.

Another ezgo golf part option is a 23 Inch Terra Trac With 12 Inch Diamond Wheel. It sells for $196.59 and can be used on any lifted EZGO golf cart or utility vehicle. It will allow you to travel on any surface with confidence, offering more safety, durability, and a smoother ride. If you’re interested in this item, you must buy four lug nuts and one center cap so you can install it.

E-Z-GO pays attention to detail with everything they do. Golf car parts are no different. Every part must be tested for safety and dependability and inspected for quality and performance prior to being sold. Their parts are also direct replacements, specifically designed for E-Z-GO golf carts. For more information on their parts, visit a local dealer or

Golf Cart Parts

Whether it’s E-Z-GO Golf cart parts, Yamaha Golf Cart Parts, or Club Car Golf Cart Parts, you can be assured that with these three names, you should expect nothing but the best. They all strive for excellence and almost always deliver.

The above golf car parts are just a few interesting examples of what is out there, but when it comes to golf car parts, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of items available. A lot will depend on your wants and needs. Once you figure that part out, it’s recommended that you stay with the three brand names listed, which are Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Car.

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