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Golf Glove Supremacy


If you’re a golfer then you know how important golf gloves can be. Have you ever tried golfing without them? Chances are the answer is yes. Either you got caught up at home and rushed out of the house, forgetting your glove and needing to make your tee time, or your glove tore on you during your round. There are numerous other scenarios where your golf glove wouldn’t be available to you. As you probably already know when you don’t have your golf glove and you go ahead and golf anyway – because you love the game and nothing is going to stop you – you’re going to end up with blisters and calluses that will last for weeks. This, in turn, will set you back at least days and possibly weeks. Yes, you still might play with those blisters, but it won’t be enjoyable and you won’t be at the top of your game.

These days, golf gloves do a whole lot more than prevent blisters. They’re designed with such high quality technology in some cases that you’re actually going to be able to improve your score, or at least help prevent it from getting worse. The point here is that if you don’t wear golf gloves when you’re playing, you’re putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. You must wear the gloves in order to be on a level playing field with your opponents, or friends.

Believe it or not, there are several different types of golf gloves to choose from. As in with most cases when dealing with golf equipment and attire, you just need to find what the best fit is for you.

Do You Like Colorful Characters?

No, we’re not talking about Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit here. We’re talking about none other than John Daly. It should be of no surprise to you that he has his own golf glove. That glove is fittingly called John Daly’s Grip It and Rip It Golf Glove. The ‘Grip It and Rip It’ slogan is even written across the knuckles of the glove.

This glove is the exact same design as the custom made glove that John Daly wears while on tour, or while playing elsewhere. This glove sells for between $13 and $16 and has an ultra light grip. It is made of premium grade cabretta leather, which makes the glove soft and extremely durable. Whether you’re fond of John Daly or not, one thing is for sure, if a professional golfer is wearing a certain glove, it’s going to be of high quality.

The John Daly Grip It and Rip It Golf Glove only come in white and is for right-handed golfers only.

Do You Know Of Any Winter Golf Gloves?

So, you’re the die hard, passionate type of golfer? Excellent. Right down my alley. If you’re willing to head out and brave the elements in order to get another round in, then you’re going to need winter golf gloves.

One of the best winter golf glove options are the Orlimar Golf Winter Weather Gloves. They’re made of fleece, so you can be assured that your hands will stay warm and ready for the next swing. Cold hands aren’t just uncomfortable and painful, but they will have a negative impact on your swing. Stiff fingers and palms will not allow you to use your natural swing. That’s why these gloves are of great value.

These gloves also have elastic wrists and synthetic leather palms. The latter will make sure you have a great grip no matter if it’s snowing, sleeting, raining or hailing. The gloves are also water resistant and durable. If you’re into extending your golf season as long as it can go, then the Orlimar Golf Winter Weather Gloves are a good option for you. They usually only cost between $16 and $38, which is a great value.

Can You Tell Me Anything About The Bionic Golf Glove?

Yes. There is the Bionic Classic Golf Glove and the Bionic Men’s Silver Series Golf Glove. Both have their benefits, which will be discussed.

The Bionic Classic Golf Glove sells for only $25, so you know you’re already getting a great deal. If you don’t happen to like it, you didn’t risk much. And in most cases, you will be able to return it.

This bionic golf glove focuses on distance and accuracy. How? The glove’s design has anatomical relief pads, which will help the clubface stay still while swinging. This will also increase your clubhead speed.

Another benefit of the classic version of the Bionic Golf Glove is that it will help keep your hands dry. This is due to motion zones that are over the knuckles and web zones that are between the fingers. These zones will also let your hands breathe and allow you to swing naturally.

The Bionic Classic Golf Glove is said by many to act as a second skin. That is because of the cabretta leather that makes the glove feel as though it is part of your body.

Bionic golf gloves have proven to last much longer than other golf gloves. The Classic version also comes in cadet size, but only for right-handers.

The other Bionic golf gloves are the Bionic Men’s Silver Series Golf Gloves. They usually cost around $50. They have an anatomical pad system, a thicker row of pads that offer a stronger grip, form-fitting neoprene for wrist support and club control, an ergonomic design that can help reduce pain for those with arthritis, as well as motion zones, web zones, and top-grade cabretta leather. You could say this golf glove has a few features.

Do You Know Of Any Ladies Golf Gloves?

Yes. There are many options for ladies golf gloves, some of which will be covered here. The first option is by Glove It. It is the Leopard Snake Glove, which costs between $7 and $25, depending on where you shop. This glove is made of 100% cabretta leather, is machine washable, and comes with a matching pouch. Another option by Glove It is the Pucci Paisley Glove. Aside from the color, all the features match that of the Leopard Snake Glove.

Another good glove for the ladies is the Hope Glove by Wilson. This glove costs between $8 and $13. It is designed with advanced microfiber technology, has a stay soft leather palm and thumb, DuPont lycra, offers comfort and moisture management, and most importantly, a percentage of all sales goes to breast cancer awareness research.

The above list is just a starting point for when you begin your golf glove search. That said, you’re not going to find many better options than what is listed. That’s why these items are on this list. If you prefer to look elsewhere, then keep brand names like FootJoy, Ben Hoganm and Callaway in mind. Those are some other names that would be difficult to go wrong with. No matter what golf gloves you choose, like John Daly likes to say, grip it and rip it. Based on my experience, that is when the game is the most fun.

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