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A Golf School Can Maximize Your Potential


What do you think your grades would be like if you never went to school? It’s possible that some basic intelligence would help you get by for a little while, but do you think your grades would be as good as someone who attended their classes every day? Of course not! And if you’re reading this article, then there’s a very good chance that you would like to be the best you can possibly be, and score as low as you possibly can, when heading out to the golf course.

Golf is no different than school. If you want to get better, then not only must you practice, but you must also study. You should aim to become a student of the game. Will becoming a student of the game make you the next Tiger Woods? No. Will it improve your athletic ability? No. What it will do, though, is take a few strokes off your game. Everyone can use that.

If you’re to practice and get a lot of repetitions in, purchase some high technology equipment (not necessarily high priced), use training aids, become a student of the game, and sign up for a golf school, you are definitely going to be a stronger player than you were prior to putting this easy to follow plan together.

So many golfers go out to the driving range and get their repetitions in, and so many golfers buy high-end technology equipment, but how many golfers sign up for golf schools? Not many. What these people aren’t realizing is that one trip to a school of golf can lead to a much better improvement in your score than several trips to the driving range and pro shops.

There are many golf schools around the country, but some are much better and have much more qualified instructors than others. A few of the best options will briefly be discussed below.

What Are Bird Golf Schools?

Bird Golf Schools can be found in many areas. They have fourteen locations, which cover all regions. All you need to do is look up their specific locations. Their strategy is to give you the best possible golfing experience ever by offering one on one instruction so they can pay attention to every little detail about your swing and overall approach to the game.

They have a highly qualified staff. Most instructors are professional golfers and experienced teachers. Some of them are previous tour winners, and all of them have participated in at least one major tournament.

Carey Mumford, who has met with over one hundred professional golfers, is also their Golf Psychologist. So, if you’re looking for improvement on your mental approach as well as your fundamentals, then Bird Golf Schools might be a good option for you.

What Is The Hank Haney Golf School?

Hank Haney is one of the most recognized names in the game as far as teaching goes. He was once listed as one of the top three teachers in world by Golf Digest. He has four facilities throughout Texas, each with highly qualified instructors.

One of the neat things about Hank Haney is his approach to teaching. He doesn’t just go through the basic instructions like many instructors do. He likes to make teaching fun, which in turn makes the lessons fun for the student. When that happens, the student retains more information because he is more relaxed, and he looks forward to learning more. Overall, this leads to more success on the golf course.

Hank Haney Golf Schools primarily aim to get you to your maximum potential, not to beat others. They firmly believe that is what leads to the true enjoyment of the game. These schools also offer to teach golfers at any level, from beginner to professional. While Hank Haney can help professionals, he has a passion for introducing people to the game.

These schools also use digital video analysis to determine where your flaws are and to pinpoint errors that can be improved when it comes to power, accuracy and consistency. They will especially stress the short game – chipping, pitching, sand shots – feeling as though that is where the most strokes can be shaved. They will also pay attention to your course management and mental approach, and aim to improve them both.

Their goal at the end of your training is to have you thinking and acting like a champion. When it comes down to it, success breeds confidence, and once that confidence begins to grow, there is no telling what you’re capable of. This level is attainable, but you must start at the beginning. Hank Haney Golf School is definitely a place that can put you on the right track.

Is There A PGA Golf School?

Yes. If you’re looking to find a PGA Golf School, then a good option would be PGA Tour Experiences. They have six locations across the country and more are being added in the near future.

These golf schools are also for any level golfer. There is no reason to feel intimidated if you happen to be a beginner. As a matter of fact, that’s often when they treat you best, because they want you to feel at ease.

PGA Tour Experiences offers you private lessons with professional golfers. It doesn’t get much better than that. They also have player development programs, which includes the World Golf Foundation’s Get Golf Ready. You will also go through a club-fitting technology evaluation and have the opportunity to participate in short game clinics. This is yet another golf school that believes highly in the importance of the short game. Are you detecting a pattern here?

If you happen to live in southern Florida, or plan on visiting southern Florida in the near future, then TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Verda Beach is one of their locations. Not only is it one of their locations, but it’s their premier location. In addition to everything listed above, it also offers programs that will help you refine your golf swing, match you up with the right equipment, and get you on the right track as far as fitness, nutrition, and course management go. You will also receive spa treatments and wine tasting. And if you like putting, then you should know that they have one of only two Taylor Made putting labs in the world.

As stated earlier, there are tons of golf schools to choose from, but if you’re looking to become the best player you could possibly be and want to go with trusted and experienced names, then you should seriously consider one of the golf schools on this list.

If you do choose to take action, there’s an excellent chance that you will be a much better golfer one year from now than you are today.

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