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Fitting A Golf Shirt


There are many ways to play golf. You could play well, decent, or poorly. While you will always aim to play well, even if you play poorly, there is still good news. You can at least look good doing it. If you’re the type that likes to look good while playing, then you’re going to need plenty of quality golf shirts. And, of course, quality goes way beyond appearance. A good golf shirt doesn’t just make you look good, but it can keep you comfortable. That, in turn, can definitely be of assistance in helping you play better.

There is another factor in all of this when it comes to golf and golfing attire. Golf is unlike most sports in the sense that a uniform isn’t required. You get to use some of your own creativity and show some of your style, yet there is still a basic standard to be respected. To put it simply, golf is a sport that requires class. This is due to tradition as well as because it’s simply a gentlemen’s game (or a lady’s game). Unless you go to a public course, you’re not going to see people wearing bathing suits and muscle shirts. That’s looked down upon. While it’s okay at public courses, anyone that understands what the game is really all about will at least make an effort to wear a pair of khaki shorts and some form of collared shirt.

If you want to look like a golfer — which will often help you play like a golfer as well — then you must own some good golf shirts, whether they’re mens golf shirts or ladies golf shirts. Some of the best golf shirt options will be listed and briefly discussed below.

I Have Always Been A Fan Of Nike Equipment And Apparel. Do They Make Any Good Golf Shirts?

Nike is one of the premier names when it comes to golf shirts. Actually, they’re probably the premier name when it comes to any form of clothing related to sports. When you buy the name Nike, you know you’re buying high quality material every time. If you find anything wrong with something that has the name Nike on it, it’s either an aberration or you might have accidentally damaged that item somewhere along the line.

Now that we know Nike is a highly trusted name as far as golf shirts go, let’s review one of their shirts, which in this case is the Nike Dri-FIT Tech Stripe Boys Golf Polo Shirt. Before we even begin, just look at the name. Anytime you’re combining Nike and golf polo shirts, you know it would be very difficult to go wrong.

We’re covering this shirt because information on golf equipment and apparel is almost always geared toward adults and never toward the younger generation. It’s important that the younger generation is also a focus because they are the ones that will lead the way for the next generation of golfers.

The Nike Dri-FIT Tech Stripe Boys Golf Polo Shirt usually sells for between $30 and $36. It can be found at many online golf stores, including The shirt has thin stripes and is the epitome of a cool looking golf shirt. It comes in green and white, has a rib collar, three buttons at the neck, a vented hem, and a swoosh logo on the left sleeve. This shirt could even pass as a cool option for school.

That said, if he isn’t into wearing collared shirts to school and only uses it on the golf course, then there are some beneficial features that you should be aware of. The most important feature is that it’s Dri-FIT. This means that the technology of the shirt was designed to take the sweat from the body and move it out toward the fabric’s surface. At this point, the sweat is intended to evaporate. Does it work? It might not remove all the sweat, but it certainly makes a very big difference and allows golfers to experience more comfort during play. This shirt is also 100% polyester and machine washable. In addition to that, it has UPF 30 ultraviolet protection.

When it comes to Nike, you will almost always get free shipping, free returns if the item is returned within thirty days, and free processing for any returns you might make. These policies should increase your confidence while buying.

Does Tiger Woods Have A Golf Shirt?

Tiger Woods has many shirts with his name on it. One of them is the Tiger Woods Double Mercerized Dri-FIT Drop Needle Sport Shirt. It sells for around $90 in most places.

This is a Dri-FIT shirt, so you know you will be receiving excellent moisture management. It is 63% cotton and 37% polyester. The double mercerized will also give it a silk-like appearance. There are three buttons toward the solid rib collar and a Tiger Woods metal clasp on the left sleeve.

This shirt comes in black, chlorine blue, razzle, solar flare and white.

Are There Any Other Shirts You Would Recommend?

There is one under-the-radar shirt you can consider. That is the Travis Mathew Brown Overscript Golf Shirt. It sells for only $21. It is a short sleeved shirt with four buttons toward the collar and a traditional point collar. It also has a tailored cut, a Travis Mathew Brown signature across the front, a chest pocket and a logo under the back collar.

This shirt is 100% polyester and offers a nice mix of quality and style. It pretty much screams golf, so it’s the type of shirt you should consider wearing solely for golfing purposes.


There are a few common themes with golf shirts these days. Most shirts are polyester and/or nylon. They almost all have water transfer properties put into fibers. This is to allow the fabric to absorb moisture (or sweat) so the golfer can remain comfortable for a minimum of 18 holes. Another common feature of golf shirts in today’s world is that they usually don’t wrinkle and don’t require ironing.

Between your sweat being absorbed so you can stay dry and comfortable, no wrinkles, and no need for ironing, we should appreciate that such luxuries cost so little. Whether it’s the traditional golf shirt or golf t shirts, just make sure you’re getting these basic features. You will greatly appreciate it when you’re out on the golf course.

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