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All About the Golf Shoe


Have you ever tried to hit a ball on an uphill lie without wearing golf shoes? Probably not, but it’s almost a certainty that you have at some point in your life tried to do something somewhat athletic either on a hill or in poor conditions. If you remember this experience correctly, it probably ends with you falling down, or at least losing your balance. Not only is this embarrassing, but it will also have a negative impact on your score.

The golf shoe was invented to help you keep your balance while hitting from tricky spots on the golf course. Golf shoes can help improve your balance, which will in turn improve your swing, and therefore, your score. Some might think that if these shoes are only necessary for certain shots then they can get away with messing up once or twice. Those folks are obviously being naive, as one bad shot usually leads to another. And once that hole is complete, the frustration boils over to the next hole, where you might try to make up a shot. As most of us well know, trying to make up a shot instead of playing solid works about one out of every one hundred attempts. The point is that if you’re looking to play golf, it would be very wise to invest in a pair of golf shoes.

Golf shoes aren’t usually required to be worn, but they can help improve your game. You also don’t have to worry about looking like a dork anymore, as the old, leather, black and white style shoes with wingtips and tassels are finally beginning to fade away.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Golf Shoes?

As stated earlier, their primary purpose is to improve balance. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding while going for a birdie. Golf shoes are especially beneficial in wet conditions and while you’re putting.

Golf shoes are designed with spikes attached to rubber soles, which will help you with your traction. There are two forms of spikes: plastic and metal. Plastic spikes, or what are now known as soft spikes, are more common these days. This is because the metal spikes were tearing up the greens on most courses, so they have since become banned (in most places, not all).

If you’re unable to wear golf shoes to the course, try to at least wear something with rubber soles and ridges. It will make a difference.

What Are Footjoy Golf Shoes?

Footjoy was established in Brockton, Massachusetts in 1857. Since that time, they have grown to have over 5,000 employees, worldwide manufacturing, and they have been the leader in footwear on the PGA tour for over fifty years. They’re the most dominant force in the market, capturing over 50% of market share.

Footjoy focuses on advanced technology, comfort, and performance as their selling points. Their worldwide reputation and solid name have proved that they deliver. They also make outerwear, gloves, socks, and other accessories. All of their products are aimed to be playable in sub par conditions.

Footjoy, along with Titleist and Cobra, is one of the three companies under the Cushnet Company umbrella.

What Are Ecco Golf Shoes?

When you think of Ecco you can think of that young player on the tour who has made quite a few big splashes and looks as though he might take the entire tour by storm as he continues to grow. That’s pretty much where Ecco stands right now, but only it’s on the business side of golf, not on the playing side of the game.

Ecco is a Dutch company that offers classic and casual styles. Their most popular brands are the Casual Swing, the Classic Sneaker, and the Classic Saddle.

During Ranmark’s annual testing phase, over 90% of its participants chose Ecco over other brands as far as golf shoes are concerned. If Ecco ever went public, you might want to look into buying a few shares.

Are There Any Other Brands That Make Quality Golf Shoes?

Yes. There are many more brands that make quality golf shoes. For instance, Nike is in the game. Aren’t they always? Nike offers classic golf shoes, which come in Gore-Tex, Dri-fit, and Duracomfort, and they also offer a sport collection, which are more modern and even includes a golf sandal. While Nike certainly always makes a solid product, the biggest benefit you will receive with them is style. When you wear Nike, it’s really difficult to look bad.

Dexter is another golf shoe company. They are the leader in golf moccasins. Most of their moccasins are slip-ons that have topstitching, which is intended to resemble laces. They also offer a shoe called the SandalMoc. The name pretty much gives it away. The shoe is a hybrid between a sandal and a moccasin. The shoe is also tightened using Velcro, which is unique for a sandal or moccasin.

Bite makes an original golf sandal. The irony is that they look nothing like sandals. They look more like hiking boots. While the shoes look odd, they’re effective. They are designed to assist your alignment, as well as for ankle support and to battle difficult conditions. They also offer a Power Moc with a Velcro strap and seven different sandal styles. Bite isn’t a major player in the golf shoe arena, but they have certainly found their niche and look as though they’re going to stay for a while.

What About Ladies Golf Shoes?

There are many companies that design and/or sell ladies golf shoes. Some of these companies are Puma, Unutzer, Nike and Footjoy. There are dozens of others as well.

If you’re looking for lady golf shoe options that might fit your style, then check out the always trustworthy Lady Golf at This site can help you find everything a female golfer might need. It’s a good site to add to your favorites list. If you’re looking for shoes, they have a large selection there as well. That said, Walter Genuin seems to be at the top of the list in regards to priority and importance.

Walter Genuin shoes usually sell for around $500. That is obviously an expensive number, but you’re getting what you’re paying for. Not only are you getting the name, but you’re getting quality and durability. Their best option seems to be their Greta White Waterproof Shoe Collection. These are stylish and extremely functional.

No matter how skilled of a golfer you are or what brand you prefer, when it comes to golf shoes, there’s always going to be an option out there for you. All you have to do is look. For example, even Callaway followed up their Big Bertha clubs with Big Bertha spikes. They’re built to be oversized and light, just like their clubs. Maybe that’s for you, maybe not. The point is that maybe your favorite brand of golf club or clothing makes a golf shoe. You might as well check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised. As in most sports, in golf, comfort is a critical aspect of the game.

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