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The Importance Of Golf Trolley Batteries

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A golf trolley battery can shave strokes from your game. You might have been caught off guard while reading that first sentence. You might be thinking, how can a golf trolley battery possibly shave strokes from my game? And if you were thinking that, no offense, but you were possibly being narrow minded.

Golf trolley batteries offer so much more to the game of golf than you originally may have thought. How? Let’s start from the beginning. If you’re a golfer, then there’s an excellent chance you want to score well. In order to score well, your swing must be on that day. In order for your swing to be on, you need to make sure everything is working naturally and that you’re avoiding muscle fatigue. If you’re walking the course or pulling a cart, you certainly are not avoiding muscle fatigue. Therefore, your only way to make sure you can play at an optimal level – unless you have a personal caddy and you’re walking without a bag – is to be using a golf trolley. And you may have figured this out by now, but not many golf trolleys can operate without a golf trolley battery.

Now that you know how important golf trolley batteries are to the game of golf, it’s time to learn more about electric golf trolley batteries.

What Are Some Important Facts About The Electric Golf Trolley Battery?

There are many things to know about electric golf trolley batteries, some of them of which get into too much detail and would bore you to death; therefore, we’re just going to stick with what you need to know.

The first thing you will need to know once purchasing a golf trolley battery is how much power is left in it. The tricky part about this is that it depends on the battery. You must get to know your battery before you can really put an educated guess on how much juice is left. The good thing is that it doesn’t take very long to get to know your new golf battery. It will probably only take a few weeks for you to be able to determine how much power is left. That is, of course, if you’re actually playing golf. If the battery is just sitting in the garage then you won’t have a very good idea of how much power is left after several weeks, or after any period of time for that matter.

A battery’s lifespan is a different story. The lifespan can usually be determined by the brand.

Regardless of the brand, all batteries should be recharged right away after use. This will help prevent you from getting stuck out on the course when a nasty storm rolls in. Better not to take any chances. Also keep in mind that most batteries must be recharged after 18 holes, otherwise, you’re asking for trouble. Think of it like a person working without sleep. He’s not going to function as well.

There are various factors that can affect the lifespan of a golf trolley battery, which include usage, obstacles, bag weight, and age. If you use your golf trolley battery every day, you shouldn’t expect it to last as long as if you only use it once per week. If you play on courses with challenging grounds, such as hills, bumps, and uneven paths, then it could have an impact on the lifespan of your battery. If you or your golfing buddies use heavy bags, that will weigh on the cart, which will require more life from the battery. This will eventually wear on the battery. If your battery is old, it won’t perform as if it’s brand new.

One other thing to keep in mind, regardless of the type of battery, is to make sure you charge your battery for 24 hours immediately after you purchase it. This is a necessary step in order to ‘fire it up.’ Also make sure you store the battery in a cool place, that you charge it a minimum of every three months, and that you perform maintenance when necessary.

There are three different ranges of golf trolley batteries, which are 15ah – 22ah, 22ah – 26ah, and 36 Hole Golf Batteries. The last battery listed is guaranteed to last 36 holes without a recharge. In case you’re wondering, yes, it works.

What Brands Make Electric Golf Trolley Battery Chargers?

There are many brands that make the electric golf trolley battery chargers, but some of the bigger names are Numax, Gunson, and CTEK.

A Numax charger will charge your battery the fastest, so if you’re looking for speed then that’s the way to go. The Gunson and CTEK chargers will operate a little slower. If you’re looking for a slower charge, these are better options for you.

Can You Name Some Golf Trolley Batteries That Are Compatible With Hillbilly Golf Trolleys?

Yes. There are six very good options.

The first option is the Budget 17 – 12v 17ah. It is a budget sealed lead acid battery. It sells for around $35. The second option is the Numax 22ah Golf Battery. This is a sealed lead acid battery. It is 12v, 22ah at a 20 hour rate. It sells for approximately $50. The third option is the Yuasa 17ah Battery. It is 12v, 17ah at a 20 hour rate. It sells for about $60. The fourth option is the Power 18ah Battery. It is a sealed lead acid battery. It is 12v, 18ah at a 20 hour rate. It sells for around $40 – $45. The fifth option is the Sonnenschein 15ah Battery. It is 12v, 15ah at a 20 hour rate with a max load of 200a and a max current over five seconds 700a. It sells for about $60. The final option is the Platinum Golf Battery 22ah PGA 22-12. It is 12v, 22ah. It sells for around $45 and comes with a twelve month guarantee.

There are also Pawakaddy batteries, Heavy Duty Batteries (24ah – 28ah), and Guaranteed 36 Hole Batteries to choose from.

To some, the language of golf trolley batteries might seem difficult, but trust me, that won’t last long. Even if you never manage to grasp the language, that’s okay. The bottom line when it comes to golf trolley batteries is, do they work? Also, are they reliable? How much life will I get from them after a charge?

It’s similar to golf itself. A player might say that he hit an amazing shot over a large bunker from a tough lie and that his equipment is the best he’s ever seen, but the bottom line is, what did he shoot? The point is, when it comes to golf trolley batteries, you should be looking for results. You shouldn’t be overly concerned with numbers and letters written on the battery.

You now have enough information to begin your golf trolley battery search. It is hopeful that you find what you’re looking for so you and your new electric golf trolley battery can begin a new, trustworthy relationship.

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