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Do You Need a Golf Trolley?

Golf Carts   

Are you sick of carrying a heavy golf bag on your shoulder? If not, maybe you’re fed up with paying too much for a golf cart. Either way, you’re either doing damage to your body or your wallet. Other golfers must have been well aware of this when they invented the golf trolley, which is somewhat of a hybrid between a pull cart and a golf cart. It’s basically a pull cart with a motor, but often with the option of using a remote control to operate it. This allows users to walk the course, which is healthier than riding in a golf cart. It also keeps golfers from straining themselves. Another often unforeseen advantage is that when you’re walking and not worried about lugging a bag around, you will be able to see the details of the course better. This might not help you on the current round, but it will help you on future rounds. It’s similar to going for a walk down your block. You will see so much more detail than if you were to just whiz by in your car.

The golf trolley is also a huge benefit for anyone who is getting older and their body doesn’t work the way it used to, or anyone who has any type of disability that limits them from walking the course. Luckily, the majority of electric golf trolleys are very durable. They’re not some recent invention made by some fly by night company. They’re a proven product, and one that the majority of its users are very pleased with.

The electric golf trolley is made by several different companies, in several different countries, and with various ranges in technology and price. It’s hopeful that at least some of the information in this article will be beneficial to you in your searches for the golf trolley that fits your best. That said, it doesn’t have to necessarily have to fit your best. It can also make a great gift, especially considering the prices they often sell for.

Superbug Aluminum Golf Trolley With Foldable Design

We’re going to start with the big boys here and then work our way down to the individual. We’re starting with a golf trolley that is sold to those who want to buy in bulk. This specific golf trolley is designed by the CATIC Shenzhen Company and made in China.

The Superbug Aluminum Golf Trolley is available in 200-299 unit packages, and at a price of $175 – $190 each. It has a brushless hub motor, is made of classic aluminum, and is foldable. Everything can be controlled by the handle (start, stop, faster, slower, and steering). The brake is also electronic.

These golf trolleys weigh 20 lbs and have a 24v auto cut-off charger. You will receive a one year warranty on all parts. A seat option is also available.

Confidence Titanium GT Electric Golf Cart Trolley

Okay, back to the individual. This golf trolley is excellent for senior citizens and those with disabilities, as well as anyone who wants a light golf trolley for transport and travel. This unit is especially good at going up steep hills, which allows you to keep from worrying and more focused on your golf game.

Some other advantages of the Confidence Titanium GT Electric Golf Cart are that it’s relatively cheap ($220 – $600), has a great modern look, and reaches higher speeds than most other golf trolleys. Its 24ah battery gives it some serious power. You will also receive a twelve month warranty.

The only negative with this trolley is that it is made in China and sold through a British company. That means if you live in the United States and ever need a replacement part, it might be a more difficult process than usual. The positives still outweigh the negatives, but it’s something to keep in mind.

The X2 Pro Electric Golf Trolley By Bat Caddy

This trolley sells for between $395 and $600. Its greatest features are that it’s powerful and extremely quiet. It has a fast motor, cruise control, and a battery that can last for up to 27 holes. It also has an adjustable handle and is foldable with one click.

When you order an X2 Pro Electric Golf Trolley By Bat Caddy, you can also receive a carry bag, a scorecard holder, a cup holder, and an umbrella holder for an extra $130. They make this sound like an amazing gesture, but if that would have been included in the price it would have been a much better sell. You’re still getting a good value considering it’s a lightweight trolley that is compatible and has a lot of features, but asking for another $130 for accessories just seems a bit on the greedy side. On the bright side, you will receive free shipping if you live in the continental United States.


If you’re at all familiar with golf trolleys, then you have most likely heard of PowaKaddy. They have a golf trolley option for everyone, and they’re always improving their technology.

Their first option is the PowaKaddy Freeway. This is the best selling golf trolley in the world. Need I say more? It folds flat, which makes it easy to carry, and usually sells for a cheap price. Their second option is the RoboKaddy. This is a remote controlled trolley that has a quiet motor. The trolley is controlled by a pocket-sized transmitter. It’s easy to fold and offers good maneuverability. Their third option is the Classic Legend. If you like to make traveling easier and want a noiseless machine, this one is for you. Finally, they have the Discovery. This is a ride-in unit, which means you sit on a connected chair to operate it. It’s extremely stable and one of the cheapest ride-on options in the industry.

Needless to say, PowaKaddy offers everything. If you want a company that has been around for a while, uses advanced technology, offers reasonable prices and exceptional customer service, then this will most likely be your best bet.

Golf Trolley Batteries

If you’re going to purchase a golf trolley, then you’re going to need to look into golf trolley batteries. To keep this simple, there is a website you can visit that breaks everything down for you. It’s called Pretty easy, huh?

They have golf trolley batteries in Hillbilly Size (18ah – 22ah), strictly for PowaKaddy, Heavy Duty Batteries, and guaranteed 36 hole batteries. They also list what types of batteries are compatible with what trolleys. They will pretty much have whatever information you need pertaining to golf trolley batteries.

Golf Trolleys

You might be overwhelmed by all this information, but the good news is that once you find the right golf trolley for you, it should last a long time. If you take good care of the trolley and the rechargeable battery, they will take care of you.

Golf trolleys are one of the most innovative inventions to ever hit the golf course, and they have paid enormous dividends for many golfers around the world. If you think owning one might be a good fit for you, consider using some of the information above as a head start.

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