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How Do I Find Harley Davidson Golf Carts?

Golf Carts   

When people think of Harley Davidson, they usually think of hard-nosed, blue-colored, tough guys riding their motorcycles on the open road, or maybe even the free-spirited, hippie-type. One thing is for sure. They don’t think of golf carts!

When Did Harley Davidson Golf Carts Come Into Existence?

They came into existence in 1963. That’s the year the William ‘Willie G’ Davidson joined Harley Davidson. The golf cart division was soon in full operation, showing the diversity and imagination both William Davidson and Harley Davidson possessed.

Were These Golf Carts Ever Popular?

Once there was news that there were Harley Davidson Golf Carts for sale, a boom soon followed. Not only was the average Joe buying them, but so were golf clubs. The unique three-wheel style and colors of the golf carts really turned heads and created excitement in the 1960s. The designs were usually one lively color with some form of design different from the ordinary. One super popular model featured flames on the sides with a white background. Harley Davidson Golf Cars soon added a four-wheel model, which were almost as popular as the others.

Did Harley Davidson Sell Their Golf Cart Division?

When the boom faded and golf clubs looked to upgrade their equipment, Harley Davidson sold their golf cart division to American Machine and Foundry Company in 1969. They held on to the Harley Davidson name for a decade before they sold it yet again to Columbia Par Car in 1982. The Harley Davidson Golf Cart hasn’t been in demand since – at least not to the public.

As with anything else Harley Davidson does, they focus on quality and details. This leads to an interest that never completely dies. These days, there are a lot of collectors out there. The tricky part is finding them.

How Do I Find One Of These Golf Carts?

Just like when you’re searching for anything else, all it really takes is effort and determination. With the tools provided on the internet these days, you should certainly be able to find a cart that interests you and fits your style and budget.

When it comes to Harley Davidson Golf Carts, the internet is both a bonus and a disadvantage. It’s a bonus because the majority of the people who will have interest in these carts are from a different generation. This will limit the competition because they’re not as likely to be using the internet. It’s a disadvantage because those who own one are also less likely to use the internet to advertise. However, if you happen to come across someone who is selling – and they are out there – you should have a relatively easy time getting the deal done.

Of course, as with any sale on the internet, you must use extreme caution. If the site you’re using has a rating system, make sure the seller has a very high rating. We’re not talking about selling books or CDs here. The ideal situation would be to find someone who is relatively close, as in within driving distance. That way, you could meet the seller and check out the equipment before making a purchase. The last thing you need is to order online, get yourself a defective cart, and have to turn this into a serious matter.

If you do choose to look online, you can use Craigslist or eBay. Craigslist is a better option in this case because you can go to all the cities you’re willing to drive to, type Harley Davidson Golf Cart in the search box, and see what comes up. You might find a match. Even if someone has a model you’re not interested in, chances are that he will know someone who does. Most collectors like to keep in touch to discuss their pride and joy.

What If I Don’t Want To Use The Internet?

If you don’t want to use the internet, then you should check out your local golf communities. Don’t bother with golf clubs. They won’t have them.

Once you arrive at a golf community, check the clubhouse. You can ask around there first. If that doesn’t work, check any bulletin boards or community papers that might be lying around. If that fails, you can even go for a short walk and begin asking home owners. There’s bound to be someone who has one stored away in a garage or shed.

What If I Buy A Harley Davidson Golf Cart And Need To Replace Parts? Where Do I Go?

Harley Davidson Golf Cart Parts can be found online. If you do a Google search, you will come up with plenty of names. From there, all you have to do is place a phone call for more information.

Some of the sites that sell Harley Davidson Golf Carts Parts are,,, and, plus many more.

What Are The Benefits To Buying A Harley Davidson Golf Cart?

There are many benefits to owning one of these carts. The first, and most obvious one, is that you will certainly become the coolest looking golfer in town. Owning something new and hip just shows you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’s. On the other hand, owning something classic and with style, especially something with the name Harley Davidson on it, is not only unique, but makes you look cool without even having to try. Men will ask endless questions and women will flock to it to find out more about its owner.

Another benefit is that you will be joining a special community of collectors. When you work on your cart, drive it, wash it, only those other owners will know the feeling you get inside. You become part of a special group in the golf world. You might shoot in the low 90s, but you’re sure as hell going to look good doing it.

Hopefully, the information above has taught you more about Harley Davidson Golf Carts and will help you find one if you decide to search for one. If you do choose to make a purchase, you will be the proud owner of one of the coolest and most reliable golf toys ever invented. Enjoy!

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