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Hippo Golf Makes Your Game Rival That Of A Pro


John Daly and Ian Woosnam are just 2 of the many PGA stars who understand the awesome power of Hippo golf equipment. Hippo golf clubs were created by a UK sports company and are well known to help boost the yardage of a drive that can result in a player crossing that 300 yard threshold. The Beast, The Impact and The Giant are all names of premiere Hippo golf clubs that provide players both outstanding performance and precision accuracy when they are out on the greens.

Hippo clubs and golfing equipment may have originated in Europe but their superb engineering and construction have quickly earned them fans in a number of different countries. You will find this brand being used to improve the game for golfers at every skill level. The Hippo golf product line includes hybrid clubs, woods, irons, putters, drivers, complete golf sets and even specialty clubs for ladies, seniors and juniors.

Here are a few of the highest rated Hippo golf products:

Hippo Air Wedge Golf Club

This outstanding Hippo golf club features a unique design that can give any player one of the easiest solutions when they hit some of the toughest lies. With an oversized, hollow head made of stainless steel the club is given some additional weighting to the toe and heel. This results in a club head that is easy to keep square from the ready position through the impact play. It is the club of choice for a player looking for a way to make some solid shots from a challenging bunker or a particularly deep rough.

  • The Hippo Air Wedge has a soft feel and precision accuracy that comes from the combination of a hollow core and carefully weighted edges.
  • The scalloped sole makes it easy for you to direct it through any terrain and results in some powerful shots with high trajectory to get your ball back onto the greens.
  • Externally fitted brass weights at both the heel and toe keep the club head stable while giving you the inertia you need for a successful shot.
  • These specialty clubs are available with a 60 or 65 degree loft and they all have True Temper shafts.

Meet the Hippo Giant ITX 420 Driver

The Giant is a Hippo golf club that is one of the most popular models. The face and sole are constructed from titanium and it has a crown made from carbon graphite. Many players feel that this one driver is the best performance club available on the market.

  • The carbon graphite is a full 75% lighter than titanium which gives the club strength and power without any heavy weight to hamper your swing.
  • The Hippo Giant has a deeper and lower center of gravity than other golf clubs and results in a superior launching angle for your shots.
  • Special forged titanium that is used for the face produces the strongest C.O.R. golfing rules allow, and it is able to maximize the transfer of energy upon impact for unbelievably, powerful shots.
  • The club shaft and Giant ITX driver club heads are composed of lightweight, high tech graphite that delivers excellent torque and ball control.

Hippo HEX2 Driver

Hippo golf engineers took the square driver and moved it to a new level with their groundbreaking hexagonal design that increases the Moment of Inertia. This is a phenomenal high tech club with a face made of beta titanium and a head constructed from titanium/carbon. The shaft is the company’s proprietary Quad Pure design made with 100% graphite. This straight hitting, precision driver is available at a far lower cost than similar styles offered by other companies.

  • The dynamic hexagon shaping provides superior weight distribution and this decreases side spin and delivers increased energy transference to the ball.
  • The aft corners contain an additional 6 gms of weight for higher MOI (Moment of Inertia). These extra weights also stabilize the club head so that even a drive that you mishit will still have an incredible straight flight.
  • The 460cc head is streamlined for optimum aerodynamic performance and produces less backswing drag and higher head speed on impact.
  • These drivers are produced with senior, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex.
  • You can also choose one of these clubs with your choice of 3 loft designs; 9, 10 or 12 degrees).

Hippo Magia XS 16 piece Ladies Golf Club Set

The Hippo Magia XS set gives the ladies their own precision set of clubs as well as a stylish Hippo golf bag. These lightweight, expertly designed clubs provide speed, power, control and accuracy that enhance the game for women players at all levels. This set includes clubs with Ladies flex shafts, premium velvet soft grips, and protective covers for all of the woods and hybrid clubs.

  • Each of these Hippo golf clubs has that lower, deeper center of gravity that helps female golfers produce high flying shots and precision driven strokes.
  • There is a 420 cc driver made of forged titanium that includes an oversized sweet spot as well as an off set design to reduce slicing. The 12 degree loft on these clubs increases the length, height and control on any drive.
  • The Hyper Steel 3 Fairway wood is created with 15 degree loft and an off set design that forgives those off center hits and decreases the amount of slicing that might ordinarily take place.
  • The irons in this 16 piece set are light weight with a wide sole that improves shots while forgiving any that are mishit.
  • The Magia XS putter has a face created from polymers that produce a softer, more controlled impact.
  • The Hippo Magia XS cart bag is durable, stylishly functional and is even color coordinated with the club shafts and head covers.

The golfing bag features an 8 way top, rain hood, towel ring, umbrella holder and 8 individual pockets.

Hippo golf bags

These golfing accessories can be purchased individually and the Hippo cart bags feature quality design and versatility at affordable prices.

  • The Viper Rattler is a stand bag with a 7 way top and full dividers. It features 7 pockets, special lumbar supports, shoulder straps, a snap on rain cover, umbrella holder and towel ring.
  • There is also another very popular Hippo golf bag known as the Viper Catalina. This model has full dividers, a 14 way top, 10 pockets, a cooler pocket and an exterior ball retriever holder. This golf bag can comfortably hold all of your Hippo golf clubs and it also has dedicated, separate holders for valuables, keys and tees.

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