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Hybrid Golf Clubs To The Rescue


If you’re a golfer, then it’s a near certainty that you’ve been in that awkward and uncomfortable situation before. When it comes to being out on the golf course, we could be referring to many things, but in this case, we’re referring to those tough lies and often long shots where you have to contemplate using one of your long irons. If you’re like most golfers, you don’t like hitting your long irons because you don’t hit them well. But then you tell yourself that they must be there for a reason. So, what do you do? You take your 3 or 4 iron out of the bag and hit a shot that you will regret for the rest of the day. With long irons, there’s a better chance of a worm burner or bunker dunker than a clean shot down the fairway.

So, you might be thinking, is there a solution? Luckily, and as with most things when it comes to golf in this day and age, there is a solution. Technology has provided golfers with an opportunity to hit a different kind of club. The club being referred to in this case is a hybrid golf club. They’re called hybrid golf clubs because they implement many good aspects of both woods and irons while leaving out the bad. They are also of course a better option than long irons.

Most hybrid golf clubs have their center of gravity moved back to the back and bottom of the club. This is important because it improves launch, which is the primary problem with long irons. A hybrid’s flat face will also assist with high launch while giving the ball a high spin rate. Your shafts will often be shorter and the clubfaces will often be on the stiff side.

Hybrid golf clubs don’t only help with tough lies, but also with chipping around the green. Tour players have used these clubs for both purposes. With hybrid clubs, you’re basically getting clubs that will offer more distance, control and accuracy than long irons. Essentially, there’s not reason at all to own long irons these days. As with most things in the world, change offers progress. Hybrids are in. Long irons are out.

What Are The Adams IDEA a3 Boxer Hybrid Golf Clubs?

The Adams IDEA a3 Boxer Hybrid Golf Club was the gold winner for the Golf Digest’s Hot List of 2008. That should say enough right there, but we will go into a little bit more detail.

The most impressive feature this club has is that its moment of inertia is an astounding 3350, which makes it the highest in the industry, as well as extremely forgiving. You will also be getting a low and deep center of gravity. This will help get your ball in the air very quickly.

This club advertises that it can give you longer and straighter shots. To put it simply, they’re telling the truth. The club sells for around $150, but it can be found cheaper through online discount stores and auctions.

What Are The Callaway FT Hybrid Golf Clubs?

The Callaway FT Hybrid Golf Club’s tugsten-infused sole optimizes the center of gravity and increases the moment of inertia. These two factors will give the club more loft and increases forgiveness and distance.

The club’s OptiFit system is unique in that allows you to customize the club in regards to the center of gravity. You can basically adjust the club so it helps you with your draw or fade. The stainless steel hosel also assists with loft and gives the club a good appearance.

This club sells for around $200, but can be found for less at online discount stores and auctions.

Are There Any Other Good Adams Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Yes. Another good option made by Adams is the Adams IDEA Pro Hybrid Golf Club. It won the Editor’s Choice Award on Golf Digest’s 2007 Hot List and has been used by professional golfers all over the world.
When this club was designed it received a lot of player input and feedback. They had a big influence on the technology. The clubhead ended up being 100c with an adjustable weight system. Based on the clubhead’s small size, this is not the club for the average player. The small clubhead allows you to work your shots better, but it will be more difficult to hit for some. If you’re an advanced golfer, this is a good option for you.

Do You Know Of Any Good Taylor Made Hybrid Golf Clubs?

Taylor Made actually has six different lines of hybrid golf clubs, which is much more than the average hybrid club maker. You will have a lot to choose from, and regardless of your ability level, there should be a good match for you.

The Taylor Made Burner Rescue Tour and Taylor Made Rescue TP are both for advanced golfers that have a swing speed over 90 mph. These clubs are designed to give the player a lot of workability. If you’re past the basics and looking for more control, these are good options.

The Taylor Made Rescue STD and Taylor Made Rescue are for golfers that have swing speeds between 55 mph and 105 mph. The primary advantage you will have when using them is forgiveness. So, if you want more confidence that miss-hits won’t set you back too much, consider these options.

The Taylor Made Tm r7 CGB Max Rescue and r7 Draw Rescue are for golfers who have swing speeds below 90 mph. They offer a ton of forgiveness, but the draw design might have overcompensated with its draw safety feature a little bit.


All of the above clubs are good options; otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list. The features listed are very basic and only intended to give you a good general idea of what each club can offer you.
If you want more details on the features of these clubs, you can do a quick online search. One good approach is to type in the phrase ‘hybrid golf club reviews.’ Not only will that lead you to more information, but it will also confirm the quality of the clubs listed here.

That said, as always, do as much research as you can prior to purchasing any clubs. If you gather a lot of information, read many reviews, and find a price that you’re happy with, then you should have nothing to worry about once you place the order. Doing your homework can save you money, and hybrid golf clubs can save you strokes.

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