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Ladies Golf Clothing Options


Golf is one of the few sports where you should always make an effort to look classy. Not only does it help the aura of the game, but it subconsciously keeps people on their best behavior. For some, this might not be saying much, but the attire required to play the game definitely is a positive, not a negative.

For men, looking classy might mean throwing on a pair of khaki shorts and a colored shirt. From there, they have nothing to worry about. Dressing properly is much more work for a woman (as with most circumstances). They don’t want to wear something too uptight or too casual. It’s not like a pair of khakis shorts and almost any colored short, where the outfit is always acceptable. Women must choose wisely on what to wear and how to wear it. There are many different companies and individual items to choose from, some of which will be covered below.

When It Comes To Ladies Golf Clothes, What Are Some Of The Most Popular Brands?

Even if you’re only talking about popular brands, the list would be too long to go through here; however, a few of these names are TRIBAL, Ralph Lauren, Bogner, Javits, Escada Sport, Bobby Jones Ladies, Golfino, The Choice To Win, etc.

Is There An Online Site That Focuses Solely On Ladies Golf Clothing?

Yes. There are plenty of them. One of the most trusted and visited sites are Lady Golf was established in 1993 and has continued to build a strong reputation ever since. Their full name is Lady Golf of Rancho Mirage. They offer worldwide delivery on all of their products via the United Parcel Service or Federal Express. They have been featured in various publications, including Hotel Bel~Air, Travel & Leisure Golf, Bunte, The 19th Hole, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The New York Times.

Lady Golf sells Bermuda shorts, Capri pants, Polo shirts, as well as many other items.

When It Comes To Lady Golf Clothes, What Is The Safest Option As Far As A Shirt Is Concerned?

The best option for many seems to be A Ping Club Polo Shirt. These shirts are relatively cheap and very common. Their popularity has a lot do with their simplicity. The colors are solids and there is nothing over the top about them. They’re also a good quality and come in many different colors. Some golfers especially appreciate these shirts because of their durability. They can be washed many times and still remain in great condition, almost as if they’re still new. You should be able to find some pretty good deals online for these shirts.

When It Comes To Lady Golf Clothing, What Is A Good Option As Far As Pants Are Concerned?

There are so many good options, most of which can be found with ease by doing a quick online search. That being the case, it might be beneficial to review a lesser known item here. This item is a pair of Domay Golf Trousers.

These trousers, otherwise known as pants, are cheap and comfortable. While that might sound simple, that is really the essence of what you want when you’re buying golf attire. Some extra benefits of the Domay Golf Trousers are that they dry out quick, they come in many colors, and best of all, the cheap price allows you to buy several pairs. This is especially beneficial if you play often. You can just slip on a new pair without having to wait for another one to be washed. This is a recommended item.

Another option is to buy a pair of Ashworth Waterproof Trousers. The only negative here is that the reviews have been mixed. Some say that the price is fair, the pants are very comfortable, and that they have had no problems whatsoever. Others have complained that you’re buying cheap material for an expensive price, the color fades after a few washes, and that the company wouldn’t honor the requests of their returns, stating that any issues with the pants are simply the result of usage.

This is often seen with product reviews. Some people love the product and others hate it. It’s similar to movie reviews. The best thing you can do is read as many reviews as you can on your own and make an educated and calculated decision on whether or not you’d like to purchase this item or not. As with most things, information is power.

When It Comes To Ladies Golf Clothing, Are There Any Good Club Jackets Out There?

Yes. There are plenty of club jackets to choose from. One of the more popular items seems to be the Sunderland Club Jacket. This jacket comes in many different colors and is advertised as though it can be used in wet weather, has no restrictions, and is extremely comfortable. Based on reviews, once again, some agree and some don’t.

The one thing that reviewers do agree on with this item is that you can get hot quickly if the sun begins to break through the clouds, or if it’s humid out. Otherwise, some felt it was comfortable and others did not.

One reviewer was very unhappy, stating that the jacket wasn’t breathable, she was soaking wet by the end of the day, and that the jacket used to be made with Gore-Tex material and is now made in China. Her point was that this has become an inferior product.

Based on all reviews, it’s not an inferior product. It just has some flaws that only some would recognize.

When It Comes To Lady Golf Clothing, Are There Any Good Skirt Options Out There?

Yes. One of the more popular options is the Titania Golf Ladies Golf Skirts. They range from $75 to $85 and offer comfort and style. You can choose between Colors of the Reef or Colors of the Ocean. Needless to say, these skirts might not be a great option if you’re playing a course in the middle of the desert in Arizona. They are a good option if you’re near the coasts.

The skirts are made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They have two patch pockets in the back and a front pocket with an insert in the front for tees and markers.

They are stylish and resourceful at the same time.

Are There Any Golf Gloves That Are Good For Ladies Golf?

Yes. If you’re looking for a golf glove, you should consider the Cutters Ladies Golf Glove. It’s only $25 and is machine washable, allowing you to get a lot of mileage for a cheap price.

The glove is made of synthetic leather and C-TACK and has a stylish appeal. The glove is advertised to have a grip that will minimize tension, which will improve club-head speed. While this is possible, I’d like to see a scientific study before I believe it. If you’re not looking for miracles and want a neat looking glove with a good grip, this is a good option.

The aforementioned items are just a small sampling of what is out there for anyone interested in playing Ladies Golf. Hopefully, the information above will be of use to you.

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