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Ladies Golf Shoes For Comfort, Fit and Style


Do you want to be comfortable when you play golf? If you’re a woman and you play golf, then you know how important comfort, feel and look are when it comes to golf shoes. You can walk into any pro shop and find all kinds of golf shoes ranging from very cheap to exorbitantly expensive, but most of the time, you won’t really know any specific details of those shoes, and neither will the salesperson.

Why spend your money on something when you don’t actually know what you’re getting when you have the opportunity to find a ton of information on ladies golf shoes online? Putting a little work in can end up paying off, but luckily for you, some of that work has already been done for you here. We’ll look at lady golf shoes options from Ecco, FootJoy, and Nike. If you know anything about golf equipment and footwear, then you know that those three names are almost always going to lead you in the right direction.

Some women aim to have the stylish looking golf shoes on the course when they play, regardless of comfort level. Other women are the exact opposite. They’re a little more competitive and are looking for performance about anything else. There are those women who want a good balance, and those that absolutely demand comfort above all else to ensure that they will be able to enjoy themselves while out on the course. The good news is that whatever the case may be, there should be a good option for you listed here.

FootJoy LoPro Brush Stroke Golf Shoes

If you’re reading this article, then your timing is pretty good. These FootJoy ladies golf shoes are currently part of a manufacturing closeout. A product that usually sells for $110 has been brought all the way down to $60. If you like what you read, it would be a good time to take advantage of such a rare opportunity.

These shoes have had tons of reviews. Their overall rating was a 5 (of 5). Their fit was rated at 4.5. Their style was rated at 4.5. And their traction was rated at 4.5. While not perfect, those are some very solid numbers.

These ladies FootJoy golf shoes have soft full grain leather uppers, which are a staple in the golf shoe world, and the first thing you look for to make sure you’re buying high quality. The PU linings assist fit and comfort, as does the contoured underfoot. These shoes also offer tremendous flexibility, lightweight cushioning (due to EVA midsoles), comfort while walking, and grip and durability (DuraMax rubber outsole). They also have Pulsar cleats, which help grip and comfort, and allow for easy cleaning. They will especially help you dig in with confidence during play on tough or wet terrain.

These shoes come with a 1 year limited waterproof warranty and come in taupe/white and white/pale yellow.

FootJoy LoPro Active Golf Shoes

The FootJoy LoPro Active Golf Shoes are another good option. They have also gone from $110 to $60 in a hurry, and that offer isn’t likely to last very long. Once again, if they have the features you’re looking for, consider jumping on the opportunity before it disappears.

FootJoy’s primary goals with the LoPro Active Golf Shoes are performance and fashion mixed into one. Their overall rating was a 5 (of 5). Their fit was a 4.5. Their comfort was a 5. Their style was a 4.5. And their traction was a 4.5.

These shoes also have full grain leather uppers, which help tremendously with them being waterproof, breathable, and durable. These shoes have similar technology to the FootJoy LoPro Brush Stroke Golf Shoes, but are a little more focused on flexibility. Fit and comfort are well above average for both options. These shoes also have the DuraMax rubber outsoles for grip.

The FootJoy LoPro Active Golf Shoes feature a fast twist cleat insert system, Pulsar cleats, and offer a one year limited waterproof warranty. They come in black/white/pink or black/white. You basically can’t go wrong with either of the two FootJoy options listed here.

Ecco Ladies Casual Pitch Hydromax Golf Shoes

Ecco ladies golf shoes are one of the premier names in the industry. They have been known for years to deliver on quality, reasonable prices, customer service, performance and comfort. The Ecco Ladies Casual Pitch Hydromax Golf Shoes are one of their best pairs.

These shoes sell for between $100 and $170. Their overall rating was a 5 (of 5). Their rating for fit was 5. Their rating for comfort was 5. Their rating for style was 4. And their rating for traction was 4.5. While a 4 is still a pretty good rating, it’s pretty easy to see that these shoes rate extremely high on everything except style. That being the case, if you’re the type of golfer who is looking for performance, fit and comfort above the way you look, then these are a superb option for you.

These shoes are especially comfortable because everything about them was designed for women’s feet. They also repel water and perspiration very well, which of course also helps in the comfort area. In addition to that, they offer a ton of toe room, which is another one of the many reasons they score so high in the comfort area. The hydromax leather uppers are yet another help in this regard.

Theses shoes are unique in that they are lightweight and strong. That’s something you don’t find very often with golf shoes. They will also help your feet stay dry and cool throughout the day.

The Ecco Ladies Casual Pitch Hydromax Golf Shoes come with a two year waterproof guarantee. They come in white/black and white/ice white, and are available in sizes 5 to 12.5.

Ecco Ladies Fashion Life Premier Golf Shoes

These shoes are more for the feminine type. If you’re more into style than anything else, this is the option for you. That’s not to say these shoes don’t offer other quality features.

The Ecco Ladies Fashion Life Premier Golf Shoes are made with luxurious leather uppers and it’s obvious that the designers paid a lot of attention to detail in regards to style. They are lightweight, offer good traction and grip, a shock absorbing sole for durability and flexibility, and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

There is a three year waterproof guarantee and the shoes come in black/silver, silver/gold, and white/silver. They come in sizes 6-11.

Ladies Golf Shoes

If the shoes on this list don’t match what you’re looking for, you can also check out the Nike Air Zoon Spring Golf Shoes. They cost between $50 and $150, depending on where you look, and offer great comfort and a cool look.

Otherwise, it’s hopeful that you were intrigued by one of the FootJoy or Ecco Ladies Golf Shoe options. As stated earlier, whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there. It’s just a matter of putting the effort forth to find it. Some of the effort was put in for you here to give you a head start. The shoes listed above will help you improve your performance, comfort, fit, and style.

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