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Left Hand Golf Clubs


If you are a leftie and trying to play golf with a set of right handed clubs it is going to be impossible for you to perform at your best. You need to have a quality set of left-handed golf clubs that will allow you to use your natural grip and swing.

The increase of left-handed players continues to grow each year. In fact, that there will be a WALG tournament held at Disney World during September, 2010. This golfing event is limited to only players who use left hand golf clubs for this game.

There are four main factors that you must look at when it comes to choosing the correct left-handed golf clubs for your needs:

  • Head
  • Shaft
  • Flex
  • Grip

Shafts, Flex and Grips

As far as the club’s head is concerned, it is usually a matter of individual preference. The shaft is very important because it relates to the angle of the head; the shaft and flex are the two factors that affect the distance you achieve when you hit the ball. Shafts can be made from steel or graphite, but if you like lightweight clubs with excellent response then graphite may be your best bet. The grip is the covering for the club’s handle. You need to choose grips that provide the best fit and comfort for your hands.

The flex of a club shaft determines how much bend it will have when the ball is hit. The right flex for your style of play will impact the distance, direction, and aim of the balls each time your club contacts them. The 5 types of flex for golf club shafts are Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff and the X-Stiff.

How to Calculate the Flex for your Left Handed Clubs

Determining the flex needed is based on the distance of the balls you hit with a driver.

  • Less than 180 yards -ladies
  • 180-200 yards-senior
  • 200-230 yards-regular
  • 230-250-stiff
  • 250+=X-Stiff

Club Length

Players of normal height can choose standard length golf clubs. Otherwise, you can measure from your wrist to the floor. If this distance is less than 30″ or greater than 35″ you should ask for help from a pro shop staff member to help you determine the best length of clubs to use.


Putters are chosen based on what feels best, and works best for each individual. There are the conventional putters, the Belly Putters, and the Long Putters. Long Putters are favored by pros and they are very difficult to maneuver accurately because of their length. A Belly putter is designed to rest on its belly while it is being held. Conventional putters are very good choices for most people although they may not be ideal for people who use a lot of wrist action in their putts.

Making Good Choices

Buying the most expensive clubs will not make you a better player. Some inexpensive and moderately priced sets will work just as well, or better, as any of the high-end models. Choosing a set of clubs that are well designed and suit your playing style will allow you to play at the top of your game however.

Although many people will buy a matched set of clubs, it is not necessary. The woods do not have to be the same brand as your irons. The most important considerations are to make certain that the weight, shaft, flex, and length of the clubs match your personal requirements.

Large retailers and specialized internet sets can help you find the widest variety of clubs for left-handed golfers. Just a few years ago finding sets of left-handed clubs was very difficult but now there are a number of options available.

Left Handers and the Sport of Golf

Even though an estimated 15% of the population are left-handers very few have been great golfers. There have been only 3 left-handed players who have won a Major Golf Tournament. These include Bob Charles, Mike Weir, and Phil Mickelson. However, there were 4 lefties who competed in the 05 US Masters; Phil Mickelson, Russ Cochran, Greg Chalmers, Kevin Wentworth and Steve Flesch.

Finding good left hand golf clubs and other “leftie” oriented golfing equipment can be a challenge, but the market is expanding. Here are some of the top clubs available for left-handed players today.

Adams Speedline Driver

This club is the first left-handed driver that was engineered for superb aerodynamic performance with the assistance of wind tunnel technology. The club is designed so that it meshes perfectly into the golfing style for a left-handed player. It produces more yardage, improved speed for the club head and 50% less drag.

Callaway FT-iQ Driver

A left handed golf club that delivers long, straight drives every time. This sleek, high tech club produces unerring accuracy for all players. The Hyperbolic Face Technology increases the speed of the balls that are being hit and the Fubuki shaft is powerful and responsive.

Callaway FT irons for Ladies

These new ladies left handed golf clubs have a new head shape with a thinner top-edge, a higher toe and a more traditional appearing offset. The Hot Titanium Face means more speed, more forgiveness, and a larger, more effective hitting surface.

Tour Edge Geo Max Hybrid for Ladies

These hybrids are proof that there is a left hand golf club that makes it easier for beginners to hit those long distance balls. There is added stability for the head thanks to the new design that incorporates a low profile with the wide head steel Carpenter face.

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