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Should You Play a Legacy Golf Course?

Being an avid golfer for the majority of my life, as well as a North Carolina native, I finally decided to put two and two together and head over to the Pinehurst area.

During that week, I had played several courses, most of them enjoyable. On my last day staying in that area of the state, I decided to take a trip to nearby Aberdeen, NC. I heard a lot of good things about the Legacy Golf Course and wanted to find out firsthand if it would live up to its reputation.

That being the case, my standards were high going in. I had just come off playing several courses in the Pinehurst area and I have played two other legacy golf courses in my semi-competitive, recreational golfing career. One of those courses was Legacy Ridge Golf Course, a Scottish Links style course in Colorado with amazing mountain views and crystal clear water, all set around rolling hills. The other was the Legacy Hills Golf Course, a course I had earlier found out was created in 1904 in Indiana. That course was enjoyable and brought a lot of old school charm. Having played those two courses, I wasn’t sure if Legacy Golf Course NC could compare.

Who Designed Legacy Golf Course?

I always like to collect a lot of information about a golf course prior to playing. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of history, but regardless of the reason, it gives me added enjoyment while playing. In a way, it’s like playing through history – for me, anyway.

What I learned about the course was that it was designed by Jack Nicklaus II and Golden Bear Design in 1991, along with the assistance of Jim Lipe. Hearing the name Jack Nicklaus, I or II, definitely raised my expectations. Plus, Golden Bear Design had also been behind the design of Williamsburg National.

While Golden Bear Designs created it, the Legacy Golf Course is currently owned and managed by Legacy Golf Management, which is based in Atlanta.

What Is The Atmosphere Like at Legacy Golf Course?

The number one thing that stands out about this course is that there is zero attachment to the outside world. What I mean by that is you can’t hear one car horn, you can’t smell any exhaust or garbage, and you can’t see any buildings or construction. You are surrounded only by gorgeous, tall pine trees; four large, pristine lakes; several connecting streams; and natural beauty everywhere you turn. For those of you that like water, it’s there to keep you company on 12 of the holes.

Is It A Public Course?

Yes. It is a daily fee course.

Has The Course Had Any Acknowledgements?

Yes. The National Golf Course Superintendent Association rated it the top course in North Carolina in 2000.

The course also hosted the 2000 U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Championship.

What Are Some Of The Measurements Of The Course?

The yardage ranges from 4,948 to 7,018. It’s a par 72 and the slope for Championship play is 132, and the slope for the middle tees is 116.

The par 3 holes are short, with 191 being the top yardage.

What Are Some Of The Holes Like?

For the most part, I was very pleased with the holes on this course. They are challenging, picturesque and enjoyable all at the same time. The only hole that I felt might have been a little bit overdone was the 18th hole. It’s 432 yards, but you first must battle a steep hill and then hit over a relatively large lake just to keep your score for the day intact. I understand that final holes are often designed to be challenging, but taking it too far, as in this case, can often ruin a player’s day. The odds of a player returning to a course after feeling poorly about their outing are going to decrease. Of course, there are some players that will likely come back for just that reason – to battle the hole until they defeat it. I’m not one of them. In my opinion, life is too short. I’d rather find more beautiful courses and enjoy myself.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Other than the final hole, the course is highly recommended. Plus, while it can be a challenging course for any handicap, it’s also a course that any player has a change of doing okay at. For instance, 14 of the holes only have one bunker, and 4 holes have no bunkers at all.

One of my favorite holes was the 5th hole. It’s a 174-yard par 3. I’d say it’s arguably the prettiest hole on the course, but don’t let that fool you. The water on the left is gorgeous and treacherous at the same time. Luckily, good old Jack Jr. gave you an out when he designed this hole, and that is the right side. So, needless to say, if you ever venture out and play this course, make sure you stay right on the 5th hole.

My second favorite hole was the 8th hole. It’s a 387-yard par 4. The unique thing about this hole is that your tee shot is hit between two pine trees – now that’s something I have never seen before! If you hit a good first shot, you’re probably going to score well. Just make sure you use caution when approaching the green. There’s a beach-sized bunker all along the back of the hole. It’s beautiful, but certainly something you don’t want to mess with, especially with its downward angle.

Based On Your Experience, Would You Play At Legacy Golf Course Again?

Yes. Overall, I was satisfied with the course. Would I drive three hours or more just to play this specific course? No. I’d rather add to my experiences as far as playing different courses go. However, if you have never played the course and are in the area, I would recommend it.

One of the greatest things about this course is that whether you have a good day or bad day playing, the serenity and peacefulness is something that stays with you. If you enjoy nature, then I would certainly recommend going out of your way for an amazing experience. If you’re just looking for good golf, I’d rate this course an 8.5 out of 10, which is actually pretty high based on my standards.

If you do decide to make the trip, keep in mind that you will be surrounded by amazing golf in every direction.

Whether playing this course or not, experiencing all the different style courses and challenges is a lot of fun. An added bonus is that the people in this area are extremely friendly and hospitable.

In conclusion, the Legacy Golf Course in North Carolina provided me and several of my friends with an enjoyable experience.

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