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Options for Mens Golf Shoes


If you play golf on a regular basis, or have been playing golf for a long time, you know the importance of a golf shoe. If you have ever attempted to play a round of golf in a pair of sneakers, you know how adventurous that can be. If it happened to be wet that day, then you can probably compare it to walking across a slip and slide with sneakers on. If it was dry that day, it most likely still cost you a ton of traction, which in turn would have cost you strokes. The last thing you need is to add strokes. Whether wearing sneakers or not, this can be detrimental to your confidence.

Golf shoes today, especially mens golf shoes, are a lot more advanced than they used to be. In the past, if the shoes looked silly and had spikes, they could pass for golf shoes. Today, men’s golf shoes can look silly, corny, traditional, amazing, like hiking boots, like sneakers, or almost anything else you can think of when it comes to footwear. More importantly, today’s mens golf shoe can offer so much more in the form of technology. You might be wondering what technology has to do with a golf shoe, but if you delved in deeper you would see that shoes are a lot more of a factor than you might have thought. They have proven to either add or subtract several strokes to and from your game, depending on the shoe.

There are several golf equipment and apparel companies that have gotten into the mix in recent years. This is because they know how much today’s avid golfers value a quality golf shoe. Today’s golfers want every advantage they can get. Golf shoes, whether men’s golf shoes or women’s golf shoes, can help get them there. While there are several quality names, two golf shoe companies that you should consider based on their technology, reputation and customer service are Ecco mens golf shoes and FootJoy mens golf shoes. They will both be discussed in more detail and will hopefully give you a head start in selecting what might be the best fit for you.

Can You Tell Me More About FootJoy?

FootJoy has been an enormous success in the field of golf shoes. If you are a believer in the theory that numbers don’t lie, then here are some numbers for you. FootJoy golf shoes have sold 54% of the golf shoes on the market over the past ten years. At first glance, you might not think that 54% is that big of a number, but you have to remember that they’re not going against just one competitor. There are at least a dozen other competitors out there. That being the case, 54% is an enormous number. What’s even more impressive is that the most recent annual report shoes that FootJoy has sold 65% of all the golf shoes on the market. So, not only have they dominated for at least a decade, but their name is still getting stronger.

FootJoy was founded in 1857 in Massachusetts. With all that time, they could have easily strayed off course and began to sell various equipment and apparel items, but they stayed the course and opted to focus on golf shoes and gloves. This has allowed them to put more attention into their golf shoes, which in turn has led to quality. The Acushnet Company recognized the quality and the popularity of the name – as it has with so many other golf equipment and apparel companies – and acquired FootJoy in 1985. This was another sign of a strong operation.

FootJoy primarily sells three different versions of golf shoes, which are DryJoys, GreenJoys, and Reel Fit.

Can You Tell Me More About DryJoys, GreenJoys and Reel Fit Golf Shoes?

Yes. DryJoys are designed to be extremely waterproof, hence the name. They are also very comfortable and provide well above average stability. The average retail price is around $160.

GreenJoys are extremely durable. They have an EVA midsole and a Duramax outsole. They are also designed with synthetic uppers and a soft sponge rubber insole. The cleats are by SoftSpikes, which is an added bonus. Men’s FootJoy GreenJoys can be found for as low as $65 online and come in black smooth and grey tumbled underlay.

Reel Fit golf shoes usually sell for around $100. The name of the shoes pretty much gives away what they’re aiming for, which is a great fit. What the name doesn’t give away is how much attention to detail they paid when it came to offering extreme support. This was done by using an innovative lacing design that doesn’t include laces.

FootJoy Reel Fit golf shoes contain an ECL leather system by Pittards. The leather linings help make the shoes more breathable. FootJoy also offers a guarantee that the shoes will provide maximum waterproof protection for one year.

Other features of the FootJoy Reel Fit golf shoe are a Fit-Bed, which help the underfoot provide more comfort, a CelCollar visco-elastic gel, which molds to the shape of your ankle, and IntellTemp, which helps move heat away from your feet.

Oh, and one more thing — in case the above information wasn’t enough to get you to consider FootJoy — FootJoy mens golf shoes are the most worn shoe on the Men’s PGA Tour.

Can You Tell Me More About Ecco Mens Golf Shoes?

Yes. Ecco mens golf shoes also offer extraordinary technology and are more the shoe option for you if you’re into style.

There are several options when it comes to Ecco mens golf shoes, one of them being the Ecco Casual Cool. This golf shoe looks as though someone was just wearing it while walking down a city street and is now ready to hit the fairways with it. Even the colors are unique, which are espresso and safari. These shoes have a hardwearing TPU and outsole design, and they are water-repellent. They usually sell for around $170.

Another option is the Ecco Flexor. This shoe has more of a classic look. If you’re the type that believes in tradition and that this gentlemen’s game should only be played a certain way, then the Ecco Flexor is probably for you. The uppers of the shoes combine pure aniline leather and exotic leather, so you know you’re getting high quality. That high quality will likely lead to high performance. This shoe comes in black and bison.

A third option is the Ecco Flexor Hydromax. If you like the technology of the Ecco Flexor, but not the classic look, then this is a good option, considering this golf shoe pretty much looks like a sneaker. It has advanced TPU outsoles for flexibility, molded traction bars so you can maintain a solid grip, stinger cleats, and water-resistant uppers. They come in black and white and often sell for around $190.

When it comes to mens golf shoes, Ecco mens golf shoes and FootJoy mens golf shoes should always be the first options on your list. A mens golf shoe can last a long time and can become an integral part of your game if you choose the right one.

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