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High Quality Options For Men’s Golf Shoes


True golfers know how important golf shoes are. If you try to play golf in sneakers, your feet will have no traction or grip, which will cause erratic swings, which will in turn lead to poor shots. If you try to play golf in dress shoes, your feet will feel like they’re swimming, you will be uncomfortable all day long, and you will probably end up with several blisters.

Golf shoes weren’t just designed as an avenue for golf equipment companies to make money. They actually offer many benefits, which include comfort, grip, traction, flexibility, and much more. They can definitely improve your performance. If you don’t wear golf shoes when you’re playing golf, you’re doing a serious disservice to yourself. The good news is that if you happen to have been playing golf up until this point in time without wearing golf shoes, and have not been shooting well, at least you have an excuse, as well as an adjustment to make that might improve your score.

Men’s golf shoes are made by many different companies, including Ecco, FootJoy, and Nike. Each brand name brings a different twist, but those three names are extremely reliable. Some people will judge the quality of a pair of men’s golf shoes on their price, but that is wrong. Some companies increase their price simply because of the brand name. You should always find out what type of material the golf shoes are made of, what type of special technologies have been put into the shoes, how well they are selling, what the reviews for those shoes are, what their warranty is, and how long they’re expected to last. While not all of this information will be covered below, the information provided will be beneficial to you and act as a head start.

Men’s FootJoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy is one of the most trusted names in the golf shoe arena. Their name is also fitting for what they have to offer. They always seem to be thinking of new ways to help you feel more comfortable without sacrificing performance. They also use high quality material and offer strong customer service. Their attention to detail has led to success, and also has the potential to help lead you to more success on the golf course.

One of men’s FootJoy golf shoes is the Men’s FootJoy Designer Collection, which is currently on the ‘closeouts’ list. If you’re interested in these shoes and act fast, you might be able to get them for under $100. If you can’t, don’t pay much more than $100. They have been listed for that price in some places and you shouldn’t overpay.

These shoes come with a one year limited waterproof warranty, which is pretty much standard for the industry. If you ever see less than that, don’t consider buying. If you ever see more than that, that’s a bonus.

The Men’s FootJoy Designer Collection shoes are made with full grain leather uppers, which also something you should always look for. It is the quality standard in the industry. If a pair of shoes doesn’t have full grain leather uppers, you should ask why.

These designer golf shoes are lightweight and offer a lot of flexibility. They’re very designer-like and look more like a pair of shoes you would wear to a restaurant than a golf course, but they work. To be blunt, if you’re the type of person that likes to have the nicest looking pair of shoes on the course, then these are a good option for you.

Another FootJoy option is the FootJoy DryJoy PODS. They’re made of waterproof leather and sell for around $170. They have full grain leather uppers and their PODS technology offers great flexibility and stability. In other words, they really help you stay planted during your swing, without sacrificing comfort. These shoes have been a popular option for players on tour since 1989. They’re extremely durable and are one of the most solid options you can find. DryJoys come with a two year limited waterproof warranty.

FootJoy also has a shoe called GreenJoys. These are a lot cheaper, selling for around $65. They come in white smooth/black smooth trim and white smooth. They have synthetic uppers and soft sponge rubber insoles. They’re very comfortable and durable at the same time. They’re a great option for the weekly player who doesn’t want to spend too much.

Men’s Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco golf shoes have many different styles of golf shoes. You can go with the Mens Ecco Casual Cool option, which look like soccer cleats, but play like golf shoes. They sell for about $170. They’re a hardcore shoe in regards to appearance and durability. They’re also water repellent.

Another option for Ecco men’s golf shoes is the Men’s Ecco Flexor. These shoes will make you look as though you just stepped out of the 1950s and onto the golf course, and that’s meant in a good way. They bring a classy style to the game while also offering solid performance.

If those aren’t the types of shoes you’re looking for, you can consider the Ecco Flexor Hydromax. These are extremely flexible shoes that sell for around $190. They even have molded traction bars to improve your grip while you’re swinging. They’re comfortable and water repellent.

Ecco also has a golf shoe called Ecco Casual Cool II Premier. Their lava/black/white color combination certainly makes them stand out. As far as quality goes, their uppers are made of distressed leather with rubber detailing. Their greatest assets are breathability and comfort.

A final men’s Ecco golf shoes option is the Ecco Classic Premier. These shoes have a more standard color combination, which are black and white. Their masterfully finished leather uppers are a great help toward comfort and performance. The technology of this shoe also focuses on allowing you to have maximum stability throughout your entire swing. They have great cushioning and are climate controlled. If you’re looking for stability, grip and appearance, this a good option to consider.

Men’s Golf Shoes

As you can probably tell by now, there’s a lot of thought, work, and technology put into the golf shoes listed above. It’s advantageous to the golfer that these companies are so competitive with one another. It keeps pushing the technology further and further along, allowing us (golfers) to reap the benefits. Another benefit is that they’re always trying to under-price one another. So, essentially, we’re getting a better product with more advanced technology than years ago, and for a cheaper price.

If you’re into golf and taking full advantage of opportunities when they’re presented to you, then now is the time to buy golf shoes. The recent deep recession has also dropped prices, and with the country on a verge of a comeback, prices will only rise. Act now to save a few bucks.

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