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Public Golf Course Finder

For millions of golfing enthusiasts, joining a country club or private golf course is financially not feasible. As great as the benefits may sound, the cost for many is prohibitive. Therefore, in order to play on a regular basis, an alternative must be found. This alternative is the public golf course.

Is Golf Becoming More Popular?

There is some disagreement over whether the popularity of golf is on the rise or if it is declining. Some, like Jeff Kass, believe that the sport is actually declining in popularity. Jeff, who is the research director for the National Golf Foundation, states that “three million golfers quit playing last year and slightly fewer have been picking it up”. However, did you notice how crowded the course was the last time you played? It was probably packed.

There are two reasons that have been put forward by those who feel golf is increasing in popularity. First, the incredible impact that Tiger Woods has brought to the game has driven players of all ages to the course. His popularity is undisputed. Second, golf is becoming very popular among women, a group that has neglected the sport in the past. Currently, two out of three people taking up the sport are women.

What this means is this; if you plan to continue to participate in the sport, learning how to navigate yourself through the public golf courses will be a necessity. How to find the top public golf courses, how to beat the crowds, and how to find the best deals will be critical to your enjoyment.

Best Public Golf Courses

Assuming that the bulk of your golf rounds will be played locally, the best method to select the best public golf course is from the opinions of other golfers. Seek out recommendations from other golfers of your skill level who have played at the best courses; their insight will be invaluable.

Typically, those who actually have played a particular golf course will be able to explain the good and the bad features of the course in great detail. This is much more information than you could gain through golf reviews, web sites or advertisements.

If you are unable to find a golfer that has played the public golf course that you are interested in, you might try visiting the course before making a tee time. Inspect the course because, if you struggle with hitting the ball straight and this course has tight fairways, it may be a good idea to avoid it until you have corrected your drives. This may help to prevent a disappointing round of golf.

If you have just started to play golf or are new to the area and need some assistance in finding the top public golf courses, there are many publications, especially those that are locally produced, which can help in the search. While advice from other golfers is usually the most accurate, written reviews can also be helpful. Unfortunately, in many instances, in order to get a “feel” for the course it is going to require that you play it.

Golf is an individual sport and players have different tastes so what one golfer likes, another may not. Therefore, the top method to find the best public golf courses may be through trial and error. However, in your search for the best golf courses, you will be able to play a lot of rounds of golf; that can’t be all that bad.

Finding the Best Rate at a Public Golf Course

Once you have found the top public golf course to play; it is now time to figure out how to get the best rate.
Golf courses charge the highest fees when they have the most customers. With this in mind, it is important to understand that weekends, holidays, and prime daylight hours will have the highest rates. If cost is your overriding concern, then you might want to consider playing in off peak hours. Typically, early morning and late afternoon times offer the lowest rates.

The thinking here is that most golfers don’t want to get up early to play and, with the late afternoon times, the disadvantage is that losing daylight may curtail the number of holes that can be played. These rates are cheaper because they are not the most popular times to play.

Discount coupons for public courses are readily available by diligently searching for them. Golf shows always have discount or buy one and get one free promotions. This is a great place to not only find great deals on green fees but to have a lot of fun.

Golf shops and local golf magazines are another good source to find discounts. Realizing that they have a captive audience of golfers, they strive to display fee reduction offers in their stores or magazines.
There are many public golf course discount offers available to the player that looks for them. Diligence will pay off and save lots of money.

How to Beat the Crowds

Since public golf courses are exactly what the term implies, public, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that they will be crowded the majority of time, especially for the best courses. Because most people would prefer to avoid large crowds, the challenge is to be able to obtain a tee time and, at the same time, avoid the throngs of other golfers.

In order to find a tee time, planning is going to be required. If your plans are to play a top public course, a reservation is going to be required. Most courses will accept reservations seven days in advance and the passionate golfers will begin calling at exactly the moment they are allowed. As you might expect, many tee times are gone within the first few hours. To get the premier tee times, you will need to begin calling the pro shop as much in advance as you possibly can.

If the tee times that you desire is not available, don’t despair. Leave your name at the pro shop with instructions for them to call you if anyone withdraws their reservation. In addition, it is a good idea to check every couple of days at the course for any recent cancellations.

It is also a good idea to find out if any leagues play at the time that you are intending to play. Some leagues have a regular schedule at the course which means that there will be an excessive amount of golfers to contend with. This means that the round could possibly be extremely slow. Since the course depends on this substantial revenue, they tend to cater to them.

Some golfers tend to look down on public golf courses but they are missing out on excellent opportunities to play; these are exceptional courses. Many are top notch, outstanding courses that are open to the public. Since these courses draw larger crowds than private clubs, be sure to schedule ahead and look for discounts. Typically, there are numerous top public golf courses available within a reasonable driving radius so play a variety of these and you will be able to find the perfect course for your specific skill.

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