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The Importance Of Putting Greens

Do you know that 40% of the average golfer’s shots are with a putter? We’ve all heard the expression ‘Drive for show, put for dough’ before, but it’s not likely many of us sat down and did the math. If we did, we’d realize that it’s probably at least 40% of our shots that are taken with a putter. It’s especially amazing considering all the other clubs cost so much money and have such advanced technology and yet you can do very well with the oldest putter in the universe. It only emphasizes, even more, how important putting is in the game of golf. It truly does separate the show-offs from the technicians, the muscleheads from the strategists, and most importantly, the winners from the losers.

If you want to have any chance whatsoever of scoring well in golf, you’re going to need to become a good putter. There is absolutely no way around it. While driving the ball and hitting your irons and fairway woods are important, don’t be one of those people who spend an hour at the driving range nearly every day and a half an hour on the practice putting green per week. Actually, if you go to the same place to practice, keep an eye on who is driving and who is putting. If by chance you know these people, you will notice that the better golfers are often spending more time on the putting green. That’s not a coincidence.

Have you ever played with someone who can’t drive for distance at all, but hits it straight down the fairway every single time? These people are often the most impressive, simply because they make the most of their ability. They’re often excellent putters as well. If you want to move from the ‘decent’ class to one of those golfers that others secretly admire, then you need to have as much time available for putting as possible. Of course, many of us work and have families, so it’s difficult to always find time to practice putting. This is where indoor and backyard putting greens come in.

Having an indoor putting green allows you to practice at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather. Want to hit a few putts before breakfast? Go right ahead. How about while watching your favorite show? That’s another great option. The key is that you will have an enormous advantage over your other golfers because you will have spent so much time working on your muscle memory for putting. Most indoor greens are designed to match real ones as far as breaks and speed go. Even if they’re not quite as real, they will still give your confidence and performance a big boost.

Backyard putting greens are both aesthetically pleasing and very realistic. If you want to have your own real putting green in your backyard, it’s a possibility. And if you don’t want to buy one, you can even build one on your own.

There are so many opportunities for you to improve your putting. It would be a shame not take advantage of them and see your score drop considerably.

Original Steve LaPorte Indoor Putting Green

This indoor putting green is known for being very realistic. Its five feet by eleven feet and 100% nylon. It has an amazing look and feel and comes with contour pads so you can adjust the breaks depending on where you place them below the putting mat. You don’t need to lift the mat to put the cup in, which is nice.

This putting green comes with a chipping mat and backstop. The backstop will allow you to keep hitting without having to retrieve balls. You will also have the option of adding putters, golf balls and a protective case.

The Original Steve LaPorte Putting Green comes in three sizes. They’re all 2.5 feet wide. As far as length goes, one is 8 feet, another 10 feet, and the third 12 feet. Their prices are $185, $232, and $278, respectively.

The Putters Edge

The Putters Edge offers three different types of putting greens, which are indoor putting greens, backyard putting greens, and portable putting greens.

The indoor putting green comes in sculptured or custom. One option is 4 x 12 and costs $398. The other option is 20 x 12 and costs $1795. They both grip tight to your carpet and lay flat on the floor. Contours can be placed under the mat for different break combinations. With this product, you will also be receiving P.A.R. synthetic turf, which makes it feel real.

The backyard putting green is very close to the real thing. It can also be placed on any surface. The Putters Edge has people with strong landscaping abilities in order to make this happen. It’s a good option for practicing putting or chipping and can also improve your home value. There is no set price for this option. You must call for an appointment in order to get a customized quote.

The portable putting green is 2.5 x 12 and sells for $289. It’s a rollout putting green with a detachable backstop. It’s not as wide as the indoor option, and is more for the beginner or someone with limited space.

Do It Yourself

Believe it or not, you have the ability to build your own putting green. You might not think so, but with just a little bit of homework and the right equipment, you can make it happen. You can learn a little bit about turf care, bend that grass, and learn all the necessary techniques.

If you’re not sold on this idea, just go online and look at pictures of how other average joes made it happen. They take great pride in their work. It’s possible you will one day, too. You can lookup tips for what gear to use, all the accessories you will need, maintenance, seeding, etc. Before you say no, just think about how neat it would be. It can also act as a social draw. If you want to have friends over for a little putting tournament, it can be done!


Whether golfers want to acknowledge it or not, putting will always be the key to golf. Have you ever seen a Tiger Woods highlight of him driving the ball? Probably not. All those infamous replays are of him sinking an amazing putt. He obviously knows the importance of that aspect of the game and so should you.

Regardless of whether you want to use the practice putting green at your nearby driving range, an indoor or backyard putting green for yourself, or even build one of your own, it’s imperative that you get as much practice in with the putter as possible. The best thing about being a great putter is that you can score the best while doing the least work. You will also feel great going into the next hole.

Good luck on your search for the right putting green. It’s hopeful that it won’t be long before you start draining them.

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