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Make Par with a great Used Golf Cart Deal

Golf Carts   

Buying a used golf cart can be a little more challenging than you may have thought. Today there is a wide assortment of these four wheeled vehicles on the market. You need to have some idea of the price and features that you have in mind before you begin your search in earnest.

Questions to Ask concerning the Purchase of Golf Carts

Do you want a golf cart designed for gasoline, diesel or electric power? You can get good deals on used models that operate on diesel fuel or electricity. However, if you have decided on one that uses gasoline you may be better off buying a new one. Used gas golf carts will cost you almost as much as one that has just come off of the production line.

How many people does your cart need to transport on a normal basis? Standard golf carts are designed to transport 2-4 passengers comfortably. These units also have enough room to hold the passengers’ golf bags.

What price are you prepared to pay? Of course you are also going to want to give a lot of consideration to the costs involved if you decide to purchase one of these used golf cars. Perhaps you want to check out the cost difference between a quality used cart and a showroom fresh model.

Golf carts today are miniaturized high tech masterpieces and the price tag reflects how high tech you choose to go. Today you may be able to find a basic, no-frills golf cart being sold for $4000-5000. The majority of new golf carts are more likely to be in the range of $6000-10,000. If money is not an object and you want the best you can always search through the listings that feature the high end luxury models that are priced in the $10,000-20,000 range.

What features on the golf cart are most important to you? These are golf carts that have every possible option including designer approved leather upholstery, satellite radio, onboard GPS, special lighting systems, upgraded wheels, customized paint jobs and much more.

When it comes to the question of options you realize that the more bling you choose the more bucks it will cost. For instance you can add a rear facing seat to a standard 2 passenger golf cart but this will cost several hundred dollars. If you prefer a canopy top to the open top model this extra can add an additional $250-500 to the final cost. Want a windshield? This will cost another $200-500. Even a simple rain cover, which is essentially roll down plastic transparencies, will set you back another $200+.

A Pre-owned golf cart means a Discounted Price

If there are some options that you feel you just must have but your budget is not as expansive as you might wish then choosing a gently driven golf cart could be the solution to your dilemma. Purchasing these used electric golf carts will generally save you 30-60% off the original cost.

How much does a brand name mean to you? Many people recognize the names of most top manufacturers of golf carts. These include Yamaha, EZ Go and the Number #1 golf cart producer, Club Car. If you really want to grab the best of the best models there is a Hummer brand golf cart that you can purchase for $25,000+ and for the true golfing connoisseur there is even a Lamborghini golf cart that is available.

Most Golf Carts are not Street Legal

You should remember that golf carts are not usually considered to be vehicles that are approved for use on public streets. Because these transportation units travel at speeds of 25 mph and less the rules about their operation are generally left to the discretion of each municipality.

If you decide to equip your golf cart with safety options that include headlights, brake lights, seatbelts, turn signals and a windshield it may well be acceptable to take it out on some of your community roads. You will see a large number of golf carts being operated in retirement communities and gated communities. The Southeast has many used golf cars that are being driven about in coastal community centers and the number is growing every year.

Advantages of Electric Golf Carts

Some neighborhoods are even beginning to encourage the use of such vehicles as a way to control noise and air pollution. The whisper quiet operation of electric golf carts are a pleasant and safe transportation method when used in controlled environments. Golfing focused subdivisions may even promote the use of the golf carts for commutes between the course and their members’ residences. You may want to check out the facts and see if you are eligible for a tax savings if you opt to operate used electric golf carts in this manner.

Finding the Best Used Golf Cars

You do not have to worry about finding a ready supply of used golf carts for sale because 75-90% of all the factory fresh models are sent out as leased units instead of being sold. Of course the biggest purchasers are golf course management companies.

This really works to the benefit of consumers because these fleet models are not kept in service for long periods of time. Golf courses always want their golf carts to be the latest and greatest so they exchange the units on a regular basis every 2-3 years.

While these used golf carts are in use the mechanics make sure that they are well maintained and properly serviced. This means by the time the carts are returned to the dealer most of them are still as good as new, but now they have deeply discounted sticker prices. A previously used golf cart for sale used that was operated as part of a fleet will prove to be an exceptional deal. As a general rule of thumb, almost any style of the used golf cart models should give you many more years of dependable service.

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