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Why You Should Upgrade Your Golf Shafts

Everyone wants to maximize his or her potential on the golf course. Lowering your handicap by just 1 shot can be a huge deal for some people. People will spend a thousand dollars on new golf clubs, but forget to upgrade their golf shafts. This is a mistake that many golfers make, although hopefully this article will provide some insight on why upgrading your shafts is such a good idea. I am going to mention a few reasons why it is vital to get custom golf shafts on all of your clubs and provide a few examples of ones that I have used. You will then see the benefits of having a consistent set of clubs. Also, the article will discuss the effect of the shaft length on your driver in relation to distance and accuracy.

Why are my factory golf shafts hurting my golf game?

The big club makers, such as Callaway and Taylor Made, run off so much steel and graphite for their shafts that they all do not have the same flex, since they take a really long piece of material and then cut it down into many golf shafts. For example, I bet your pitching wedge is way too stiff and your 3-iron is too flexible. The reason for this is they take that long piece of steel or graphite and try to get a few different shafts out of it. The problem with this lies in the altering of the original flex. The original piece of shaft was altered, hence changing the properties of the shaft. This is not good and gives you different flexes in most of your shafts. This leads to inconsistent shots and feel between your clubs. So how do I fix this and make all my shafts the same flex?

What are some good golf shafts to buy?

The key is to get a quality shaft from a good manufacturer. There are two that I really prefer, but many good companies are in the market. I have used Aldila golf shafts for some time now. They offer a quality golf shaft that is consistent to what flex it claims to be. They individually make them to a certain flex and are not cut down, as quality golf club shafts should be made, unlike the mass production stuff from the big club makers.

Another great golf shaft maker is Fujikura. Fujikura golf shafts are a quality and precision shaft that I have also used in the past. With these on all of my clubs, I can really feel the club head in my hands and feel like I have total control over the club. The stock shafts you get from the store do not offer this kind of feeling.

How can upgrading your golf club shafts help you?

The difference is in the details. With the game of golf, inches, feet and fractions can make the difference between having a 3 foot birdie putt or a 20 foot birdie putt. The odds of making the 3 footer are about 80 percent, while the 20 foot putt is only made about 5 percent of the time. This is one reason why you should always be concerned about the details. It may seem excessive, but trust me, you must get custom golf club shafts to maximize your potential.

Another reason why a good shaft manufacturer is important is because of the quality of materials they use. The shafts you find in retail stores are mass produced and are composed of bulk ordered steel or graphite. The quality is not that good and they are more concerned about getting the lowest price. This is not the case with either Fujikura or Aldila golf shafts. These two companies use quality materials for their golf shafts that are consistent, strong, and provide the golfer with a great feel.

Is driver shaft length important?

I also want to talk a bit about the length of your driver in relation to distance. Most normal driver shafts that you find in the retail stores are around 45 inches. These are also bulk produced and one would think since you are paying $500 for a new driver it would have a great shaft. This is not true though, as the golf shafts on these clubs often vary in flex. A driver with a listed regular flex could really be stiff. Errors are magnified since the club is so long, so you want a quality shaft that going to be a quality product.

With most drivers being about 45 inches long, one would think that is long enough. Well, with proper shafting, you can get a great driver up to about 48 inches long if the shafts are good enough. The key is the fine tuning involved with producing a great product. That extra 3 inches may not seem like much, but it could add up to 30 – 45 yards or so. The reason is increased club head speed is produced by the longer golf club shaft, providing the harder impact. You must be careful though, as the risk for losing control of the golf ball is greater any time you lengthen the club. If you are a skilled golfer, or just have a very smooth tempo, you should be able to handle any driver with a 45 – 48 inch golf shaft.

In conclusion, not all the shafts you buy in stores match what flex it is labeled as. Regular flex clubs could really be stiff flex. Also, the clubs are not very consistent within the set, even if they are all supposed to be. To combat this, get a good shaft from a quality manufacturer. Two of which that come to mind or Aldila and Fujikura, but there are other good ones too. These companies make all their club shafts to exact parameters, meaning you will not have the disparity within your set.

This means more consistency in your shots and distance control. You will then be closer to the hole for more reasonable birdie chances. If you really want to crush the ball, go with a longer and higher quality driver shaft and be amazed at the extra distance you can achieve. Just be careful to not think you have to swinger harder, as a smooth swing with this length of a club will go plenty far enough. Hopefully you are on your way to upgrading your golf shafts.

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